Thursday, July 31

Cassie & Lil Wayne Talk About Official Girl Single

Gonna have to keep this short and snappy as I'm still in Ayia Napa getting ready for my set.

Official Girl is Cassie's new single from her forthcoming album.

Wednesday, July 30

G Child's Second Wife!

Who said that a man can't marry two women at the same time? Silly rule if you ask me, its a rule that I intend to break, because after I marry Christina Milian I'm then gonna put a ring on Tatyana Ali's finger too! Then we're going to live together like one big happy family :)

With no editorial reason for putting these pics up apart from highlighting how good she looks in these pics and plus I'm allowed to show off my future wife!

Her full recent interview can be read HERE

Are Chris Brown And Ne-Yo Cool?

Well beings though everyone thinks that Ne-Yo diss track is aimed at Chris, I'm not too sure if that's the case since I seen these recent pictures of the pair together.

So if he wasn't talking about Chris, then who the hell is he talking about?

Monday, July 28

Dondria Aka Phatfffat Covers Jazmine Sullivan's Need You Bad

Phatfffat is the latest signing to Jermaine Dupri's 'So So Def label, she basically got the deal through creating internet hype with her YouTube page which got over a million hits! Gotta hand it to her, she does a good job at covering Jazmine Sullivans 'Need You Bad'. Watch the video and see what you think. Btw its worth skipping past her chit chat as thats not really interesting.

Sunday, July 27

Vintage Sunday's!

Again its another relaxing Sunday so its time to take you back into time with my weekly feature 'Vintage Sundays'. This week for I thought TLC's 1992 debut single 'Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg' would be a good choice, i've not seen this video for ages. Of course its only right I say RIP Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez still sadly missed.

Saturday, July 26

T Pain Doing His Thing On The Drums!

I knew T Pain could play the drums from hearing his productions, but boy I never knew he could play this well. Im now now an even bigger T Pain fan!

LL Cool J Ft The Dream Live

After all these years LL still knows how to put it down, check out LL with The Dream performing 'Baby' on the TV show 'So You Think You Can Dance'

The 1Xtra RnB Show With G Child (track list)

If you don't know already, every Friday night from Midnight I bless the nation with 2 hours of the best in RnB and world EXCLUSIVE Refixes that you won't hear anywhere else! If you missed the show last night, I'll forgive, just don't forget you can still listen to the show online right now by CLICKING HERE This is what got played on the show.

PCD Ft P Diddy & Lil Wayne & Fatman Scoop - When I Grow Up Remix (Bad Boy)
Uncle Charlie Ft T Pain - Super Sexy G Child Refix
Ne-Yo - Nobody – (Def Jam)
Donnie Ft P Diddy – Take You There (Bad Boy)
Nicole ft T.I - Whatever You Like / Erup Click My Finger G Child Refix
Robin Thicke ft Jay Z - Magic - G Child Refix
Ryan Leslie / Missy Elliot - Diamond Girl / Ching A Ling G Child Refix
Lloyd / En Vogue – All Around The World / Hold On G Child Refix
Christina Millian – All We Need To Know (MySpace Records)
Day 26 Ft P Diddy – In My Bed – (Bad Boy)
Ciara – Can’t Leave Em Alone Reavers Remix (La Face /Jive)
Ciara ft Ludacris – High Price (La Face / Jive)
Sophia Fresh – Super Bad (Nappy Boy)
Slimm ft 8 Ball – Daddys Lil Girl (Atlantic)
Musiq – Radio (Atlantic)
John Legend ft Andre 3000 – Green light(Sony BMG)
Young Steff - Body That (Nexus Remix)
Cassie Ft Young Dro – 2 The Morning (Bad Boy)
Mario – Stuttering – (J)
Chris Brown ft Bow Wow / Hurricane - Picture Perfect – (Def Jam)
Lloyd ft Ludacris – How We Do It In The A G Child Refix
Ne –Yo - Milli Freestyle
Usher – Dat Girl Right There (J)
Sean Paul - Temperature G Child Refix (VP)
Teedra Moses – So Cool (CDR)
Ashanti Ft Bow Wow – Good Good G Child Refix (Universal)
Lloyd ft Nelly - Lose Control (The Inc / Universal)
Chante Moore – Can’t Do It (Peak /Concord)
Trey Songz – In Your Phone (Atlantic)
Jazmine Sullivan ft Missy Elliot – Need You Bad (Jive)
Mariah Carey ft Snoop Dogg – Say Something (Def Jam)
Robin Thicke – Wanna Love You Girl (Star Trak)
Omarion - Entourage (Sony BMG)

Friday, July 25

Ed Lover Meets Wendy Williams

Both of these two are well respected radio personality's in the US and its funny to hear them chat to each other on radio. Just in case your not aware of either of them - Ed Lover came to fame in the early 90's through presenting the legendary Hip Hop Show 'Yo MTV Raps' and Wendy Williams is known as the queen of radio in New York through her controversial interviews. Recently Wendy started her own daytime show on Fox TV and Ed Lover caught up with her for his breakfast show on Power 105.1. and spoke to her about her new venture.

Listen to the interview below.

Part 1

Part 2

Lloyd Speaks About His New Album

Not long to go before Lloyd drops his new album 'Lessons In Love' and I still believe this is his best album to date.

Check out this recent interview with Real Talk NY

Nelly Ft Ashanti & Akon - Body On Me Video

Damn there's a ridiculous amount of album sales between these 3 artists, but can they make a hit single?! I think they can, I like this tune - mad catchy, nice light vibe, perfect for radio, I hope it works. 'Body On Me' Is taken from Nelly's forthcoming album 'Brass Knuckles' due out September 15th 08. There's also an Ashanti version of this which can be found on her album 'The Declaration'

Angie Martinez Meets Ryan Leslie

Sometimes I almost feel like I stalk Ryan, in the sense of I'm forever posting up stuff about him. This time he chats to Hot 97 presenter Angie Martinez.

Robin Thicke - Magic Video

A few weeks ago I went to Robin's album playback and although I wasn't blown away by anything I heard I'm sure loving this one! 'Magic' is the first single from 3rd studio album 'Something Else' due for release in September 08.

Check out the video below.

Thursday, July 24

Trey Songz - Missing You Video

I wont front, Im not the biggest Trey Songz fan, But I thought 'Can't Help But Wait' was his best track to date. Check out the video to the follow up single 'Missing You' from the album 'Trey Day'

Trey Songz - Missin You

NEW MUSIC: Dwele - If You Want To

Boy oh boy I love this track. This is taken from Dwele's new album - 'Sketches Of A Man' and its one of those tunes you can kick back and chill too. The strings do it for me.

Omarion's New Hair Cut

Back in 2006 I decided to cut my braids off, I just thought that whole style had its day so I might as well go for an all over number 1 fade, since my trend changing look lol, Busta, Ludacris, Trey Songz, etc have all done the same now the next one to do the big chop is Omarion! All it takes is for R Kelly & Lloyd to join him, go on guys you don't wanna be the last man standing...

Think it suits him?

Cheri Dennis On The Show Tomorrow!

On Friday at Midnight (technically sat) don't miss my radio show on BBC Radio 1Xtra as I'll be speaking to Cheri Dennis. She's one of my favourite artists and I've always felt she hasn't got the recognition she deserves, she was signed by P Diddy to Bad Boy Records in 2001 but never dropped her debut till 2007! I needed to talk to her and find out what really happened. Find out her story this Friday from midnight only on the 1Xtra RnB Show with yours truly!

If your a bit unsure of who she is click HERE

Christina Milian Out And About

Right now I'm blogging live and direct from the Apple store in Brent Cross lol! My Laptop aint feeling to well and needs to be taken back to the Apple Store so they can make him better!

Anyway my future wife to be Christina Milian (soon to be Christina Child, wow that even sounds good, she could even shorten it to CC, yeeeeeah man) has been seen out with her current boyfriend - Dre from who is one half of the production due Cool & Dre. In the pics she looks kinda happy, BUT she'd be happier with meeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, July 23

Ne-Yo's London Album Playback Event

So on Monday morning I got a phone call saying Ne-Yo want you to play at his album play back which took place last night in Central London, of course I had to think deep and hard about this, after all Tuesday night is Eastenders night. (praise the lord for the BBC iPlayer lol) but no seriously of course I was happy to accept. Ne-Yo's 3rd album 'Year Of The Gentleman' is due out in the UK on Sep 1st and last night a selected number of people checked out 5 new tracks from the album, here's how they went down....

Back To What You Know - Produced By Stargate
You have to admit the chemistry between Ne-Yo and Stargate is a winning formula which is proven again on this mid tempo cut about a girl he thinks would be better of going back to the man she was with before. This could easily be a single.

What's The Matter - Produced By Chuck Harmony
This is one Im sure you can relate to. Ne-Yo tells the story about a lady that wants something so bad but when she finally gets it, she realises she actually didn't want it in the first place. The thing she wanted so bad, like a few women do... a Bad Boy, so obviously you know what happens there... I remember this one had a slight rock music appeal to it as well, overall not a bad track.

So You Can Cry - Produced By Science
Its true story time with this one as Ne-Yo breaks down what happened to his friend that broke up with her man and locked her self away in her apartment for 2 week because she was so heartbroken! But Ne-Yo being the gentleman that he is comes to her rescue and tells her a few kind words to get her back on top of things again.

Stop The World - Produced By Chuck Harmony
The title of this one is not what you think, nor is it another Michael Jackson 'Earth Song' kind of track. In fact its about girl being so in love she thinks the world has stopped! (all together now - ahhhh!) This was easily the most emotional track I've heard out of the 5.

Ms Independent - Produced By Stargate
Again another Stargate produced joint which will also be the second single from the album. The title speaks for its self as you might of guessed its all about the independent lady! The kind of lady you need to be if you want to stand a chance with Ne-Yo. I'll let you make your own mind up on this one as you can listen to it below.

Year Of The Gentleman is due for release on Sep 1st 08

Few pics from the night

On the menu for tonight we have...

Oh no... Could it be true?! Has DJ Semtex turned into an RnB thug?!!! More on this story as we get it.

1Xtra daytime presenter Max, talented singer Ny & 1Xtra show producer Julie all in the house!

Sunday, July 20

Vintage Sunday's!

OK so today Im taking you back to 1991 with a timeless classic. This is the type of tune that will still smash it in the right place with the right people. Sadly to say one of the members from Hi-Five - Tony Thompson passed away just over a year ago. Without a doubt 'I Like The Way' was the groups biggest hit, so sit back - watch the video and enjoy a stroll down memory lane!

Hi-Five - 'I Like The Way'

Thursday, July 17

Ashanti - Good Good Video

Loving this track!

Wednesday, July 16

NIck And Mariah

Well they said it would never last, but if you ask me i'd say the look quite happy together. Here's a recent shot of the pair at Disney Land in Florida.

Do you think they will last more than a year?

Tuesday, July 15

Alicia Keys - Superwoman Video

RnB's favorite lady Alicia Keys is back with the forth single lifted from her album - 'As I Am'. 'Superwoman' is another uplifting Alicia Key's track, thats sure to brighten up your day and make you feel good!

Ryan Leslie - Diamond Girl (The MovIe)

Yes you read the title correctly! Ryan has gone a step further and made a mini movie for his single 'Diamond Girl'. I have to say Ryan's acting is pretty good, this might even be the start of his movie career...

What do you think of his acting skills?

Keri Hilson - Energy Video

At long last Keri's solo career seems to moving in the right direction! This single could easily top the UK charts with the right promotion and just to add my own personal thoughts, i've never really found Keri that sexy until this video! Go on girl!

Sunday, July 13

John Legend Speaks About His New Album

This interview is well worth checking out, there's loads of info on his new album, the new single 'Green Light' and when the video is set to drop.

LL Cool J Ft The Dream - 'Baby'

Don't call it a come back, he's been here for years! LL's back with a new single 'Baby' from what will be his last album on Def Jam - 'Exit 13'. I don't think this is the greatest track, but The Dream does his thing on it and I'm a big LL fan so it still gets my support. There is a track LL recorded with Trey Songz is much better, Check it out underneath the video.

LL Cool J Ft Trey Songz - 'Girl If I'

Vintage Sunday's!

For once I'm glad its Sunday - need to chill out and sit on my butt all day, might even get a rare early night... Now its only right that todays Vintage Sunday video comes from a true Legend in the game who was also in the UK last week promoting her new album 'Funk This', its the one and only Chaka Khan with 'I Feel For You'. Now this track I would go as far as saying it might be my favorite track of all time! Seriously, I love this track so much, I was only 7 when this came out but I remember it so well! Be prepared for some heavy body popping!

Chaka Khan - 'I Feel For You'

Friday, July 11

LL Cool J Interviews MIchelle Williams

LL along with DJ Envy interviewed MIchelle Williams on Hot 97 recently. Might be just me but it seemed like they kind of ganged up on her... See for yourself.

O'so Krispie - Slumber Party Video

You might remember O'so Krispie from a reality TV show called R U The Girl, where a bunch of hopefuls battled it out for the chance to be featured on the next TLC single in replacement of the late Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez. Not quite sure how, but O'so Krispie won... And now she's back with a new video called 'Slumber Party'

Do you think she was the right person to replace Left Eye?

Thursday, July 10

Angie Martinez Meets Chris Brown

Check out Chris talking to Hot 97 presenter Angie Martinez about being compared to Usher. Personally I think Chris has so much more work to do before he's on the same level as Usher, you know 12 million albums is not easy to sell. But on the other hand I think he has the best chance of doing it more then any other RnB artist out there right now.

Chauncey Black - Every Day Is Your Birthday (Video)

Former Blackstreet member Chauncey Black is back with a video for his new track 'Everyday Is Your Birthday'. In 2006 Busta Rhymes signed him to his label 'Flipmode', Chauncey's brand new album 'Church Boy' is due out before the end of the year.

Check out the video for the first single 'Every Day Is Your Birthday'.

Feeling this?

Lloyd - Lessons In Love (Tracklistings & Album Cover)

Just under a month to go till Lloyd drops his 3rd studio album, 'Lessons In Love' is due out on Aug 5th. But looking at the tracklistings I don't see any of the other songs featuring Ludacris, Nelly and The Dream... Surely they have to make the finished copy.

1. Sex Education
2. Girls Around The World (featuring Lil Wayne)
3. Treat U Good
4. Year of the Lover
5. I Can Change Your Life
6. Lose Your Love
7. Have My Baby
8. Love Making 101
9. Party All Over Your Body
10. A Day In The Life
11. Touched By An Angel
12. I’m Wit It
13. Heart Attack

Tuesday, July 8

NEW MUSIC: Lloyd Ft Nelly - Lose Control

I really believe that Lloyd has stepped up his game with this new album 'Lessons In Love' is due out August 5th 2008 and so far its sounding like a really good album. I've heard at least half of the album and all the tracks are definitely up to standard.

Check out 'Lose Control' Ft Nelly. (BIG tune)

Ne-Yo Talks To Ed Lover About The UK!

I'm sure not if Ne-Yo realises the UK can also hear the interviews he does even if they are all the way in New York.

Its well worth hearing what he really thinks about the UK.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Essence Music Festival Videos

The Essence Music Festival took place last weekend in New Orleans, this is basically yearly event with a line up of massive artists from the world of black music. This year there were performances from Rihanna, Chris Brown & J Holiday just to name a few. Check out how it went down below.

Rihanna - 'Unfaithful'

Chris Brown - 'Yo' (Excuse Me Miss)

J Holiday - 'Bed'

Behind The Scenes With Keri Hilson

Take a look at Keri talking about her first single 'Energy' which is taken from her debut album 'In A Perfect World' due out late September 08.

Ne-Yo - Performing Closer

This really is the track that raised the bar for Ne-Yo, he smacked it with the video too, proper made him look like a world class star.

Here's a recently live performance of the former UK number one single - 'Closer', taken from the Nissan Live Sets.

Dwele - I'm Cheating Video

One of my favorite Neo Soul singers is back with a new video, 'I'm Cheating' is lifted from Dwele's current album 'Sketches Of A Man' in stores now.

Sunday, July 6

Vintage Sunday's!

This weeks Vintage Sunday's comes from a true icon in the game, its the one and only Janet Jackson! Although I don't enjoy her music as much as I used too, lets not forget about the some of the classics she blessed us with back in the day!

Its time to take you back to 1986 with Janet's Classic 'When I Think Of You'

Saturday, July 5

Estelle Speaks To Real Talk NY

Bigging up Estelle, the Americans love her! Its a real good look to see someone that has truly put in the work for many years actually reap the benefits from staying on the grind...

Check out her interview for

The 1Xtra RnB Show With G Child (track list)

Every Friday from midnight, its all about the 1Xtra RnB Show with yours truly, on last nights show I played some heavy new tunes from LLoyd Ft Nelly, T Pain Ft Lil Wayne, Solange Knowles & Mashonda plus loads more! Check out what else got played on the show...

LIsten to the show online HERE

Chante Moore – Can’t Do It (Sony BMG)
Day 26 ft P Diddy – In My Bed (Bad Boy)
Robin Thicke ft Jay Z – Magic (G Child Remix)
Christina Milian – All We Need to Know (Myspace Records)
Missy Elliott – Best Best (Atlantic)
Missy Elliott – Ching-A-Ling (Atlantic)
Sophie Fresh – Super Bad (Nappy Boy)
Slim ft Young Joc – So Fly (Atlantic)
Slim – Daddy’s Little Girl (Atlantic)


Musiq – Radio (Atlantic)
Ashanti ft Bow Wow - Good Good (G Child Remix) (Universal)
Lloyd ft Nelly – Lose Control (Universal)
Solange Knowles – Told You So (Music World)
John Legend ft Andre 3000 – Green Light (Sony BMG)
Usher – You Can’t (Sony BMG)
T-Pain ft Lil Wayne – Can’t Believe It (Sony BMG)
Ray J ft Lil Wayne & the Game – Gifts (Remix) (Knockout)


Mashonda ft Lady Saw - All or Nothing (J Records)
Jazmine Sullivan – Need U Bad (J Records)
Elephant Man ft Mario Winans – Back That Thing On Me (Bad Boy)
Chris Brown ft Hurricane & Bow Wow – Picture Perfect (Remix)
Ne-Yo – Closer (Def Jam)
Rhianna – Disturbia (Def Jam)
Young Stef – Body That (Remix) (Richcraft)
T Pain – Silver & Gold (Sony BMG)
Usher ft Ludacris – Dat Girl Right There (Sony BMG)


Destiny’s Child ft Lil Wayne – Soldier (G Child Refix) (Columbia)
Rich Girl – 24 Inches (Richcraft)
DJ Felli Fel ft Kanye West, Neyo, JD, Fabulous – Finer Things (Def Jam)
Ciara – Can’t Leave Em (Reavers Remix)
Lloyd ft Lil Wayne – Girls All Around The World (Universal)
Cheri Dennis – Act Like You Know (Bad Boy)
Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up (Interscope)
Charlie Wilson ft T-Pain – Super Sexy (G Child Remix) (White)
R Kelly ft Elephant Man – Reggae Bump Bump (Jive)
T-Pain ft Beenie Man - I’m Sprung (White)
Cheri Dennis – I Love You (Bad Boy)

Jazmine Sullivan - Need You Bad Video

So here it is, finally the brand new video from Jazmine Sullivan. Its a real good idea to keep an eye out for Jazmine in the near future as I'm pretty sure she's going to be doing big things! 'Need You Bad' is the first single from Jazmine's debut album 'Fearless' which is due out in September 08.

Thursday, July 3

Mariah Ft TI - I'll Be Loving U Long Time

This one kind of reminds me of the Amerie 'Touch' video, remember that?

Wednesday, July 2

That's My Girl

Most of the time when I write about Christina Milian there is no editorial reason, this time I could tell you about her signing a deal with MySpace Records, but do you really care (tell me if you do and I will drop some knowledge!) I could also tell you about her new tune which I played on my Radio show last Friday. But no I just want to show you these wonderful pictures of her doing what she does best, posing in a bikini! And I'm sure I speak for every man with good taste in women...

Christina you don't have to make another record for the rest of your life, I will always love you all the same xxx ;)

Angie Martinez Interviews Usher

Former rapper now radio show presenter for Hot 97 in New York - Angie Martinez recently caught up with the RnB King Usher and spoke about all the massive changes in his life.

Ne-Yo 'A Milli' Video

A couple of weeks ago I broke I posted a blog about Ne-Yo diss track, which I thought may have been aim at R Kelly, but now its a lot clearer to see that the jabs are most definitely aimed at Chris Brown! Ne-Yo has now taken it a step further and shot a video for the diss track - check it out below.


Tuesday, July 1

Leona Lewis Performs For Nelson Mandela's Birthday Celebration!

Still really proud of Leona's achievements since winning The X Factor. On Friday 27th June she was a part of the Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday celebrations in London's Hyde Park.

Check out her performance below and see what you think.