Thursday, July 24

Cheri Dennis On The Show Tomorrow!

On Friday at Midnight (technically sat) don't miss my radio show on BBC Radio 1Xtra as I'll be speaking to Cheri Dennis. She's one of my favourite artists and I've always felt she hasn't got the recognition she deserves, she was signed by P Diddy to Bad Boy Records in 2001 but never dropped her debut till 2007! I needed to talk to her and find out what really happened. Find out her story this Friday from midnight only on the 1Xtra RnB Show with yours truly!

If your a bit unsure of who she is click HERE


Nadz said...

Anyone who is unsure of who Cheri Dennis is should be ashamed of themselves! lol

JoJosback said...

Sooooo complete! LOVED tha song oh yeah best track on we inveted the remix oh yeah!!!