Saturday, January 31

I Done Did It Again!

No long talk, just listen to the exclusive hotness I've provided below.

Missy Elliott - Jungle Refix

Ciara Ft Young Jeezy - Never Ever Video

First single from the forthcoming album 'Fantasy Ride'.

Thursday, January 29

New Music: Chrisette MIchelle - Epiphany

Trust me when I tell Chrisette is HOT! I've just been sent this new track from her and I instantly fell in love with it! Listen for yourself below. I really hope she don't get slept on AGAIN this year.

Chrisette MIchelle - Epiphany

Be OK Video

Wednesday, January 28

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers & Bears Video

Check out the brand new magical video from Jazmine Sullivan.

Tuesday, January 27

The Dream's 09 Plans

Check out the Dream talking about his and Mariah's new album.

Sunday, January 25

Vintage Sunday's! The Good Girls - Just Call Me Remix

Every Sunday I like to take a step back in time and bring you a classic video from yesteryear. Today its all about the year 1992 and an RnB trio called The Good Girls. This is such a tune! I wonder what they are doing now?

Saturday, January 24

New Music: R Kelly - Joyful People

Whoa! Kels is finally back with something worth talking about. Although 'Joyful People' sounds very similar to 'Happy People', I really don't mind that, Im just glad he's actually singing properly and not making noises like a gorilla or a dog like he has recently. Listen to the track below.

R Kelly - Joyful People

Leona Lewis - I Will Be Video

Leona - big in game, say no more!

Thursday, January 22

World Exclusive! Young Nate - Like That

Young Nate is most definitely a name you should keep on your radar, 2009 is looking to be a big year for him. Recently he re-released the remix of the big underground smash 'Mix Messages' which is taken from a new E.P called 'A Piece Of Me' due out soon. The second single 'I Wonder' has just been added to the BBC Radio 1Xtra B List and I've been hooked up with another hot track for you to listen to below called 'Like That'.

Young Nate - Like That

New Music: Jagged Edge Ft Fabolous - Fire

The Jagged Edge boys are back for 2009, with best track i've heard from them for a while.

Keyshia Cole - You Complete Me Video

Watch the new video below for 'Complete Me' taken from Keyshia's current album 'A Different Me'.

Biggin' Up All My Peoples!

A big thank you for checking out my blog, no matter if your near or far from me. Looking at my stats I've noticed that the hits are coming from all over the world which is fantastic!

Here are two other blogs worth a daily check.

DJ Semex: Dizzee Rascal tour DJ, Def Jam A+R & BBC Radio 1Xtra Hip Hop Show Presenter! Click HERE to view his blog

Max: Ex presenter for MTV's flagship music show - TRL, BBC Radio 1Xtra Broadcaster & Max can also be heard covering various shows on BBC Radio 1! Click HERE to view her blog

John Legend - Everybody Knows Video

Have to admit, I was hoping there would be a video for 'Its Over'. Oh well, check out the second single from John's latest album 'Evolver' below.

John Legend - Everybody Knows

Barack & Michelle's First Dance

Wow, what a moment! Their first dance to Beyonce singing 'At Last' introduced by Denzel Washington.

Jay Z - History

I love this track - really really do. Reminds me of Jay from back in the day! Its all about the history that was made on Tuesday!

This performance was taken from Barack's Neighbourhood Ball.

Wednesday, January 21

Celebrity Big Brother 09

Michelle, LaToya and Tommy now all gone in the final week of Celebrity Big Brother. My prediction still remains the same as it did when the show first started and thats VERNE to win!!! Go on son!

Obama Celebrations!

Check out 3 of the biggest names in RnB celebrating Barack Obama's Inauguration @ The Neighbourhood Ball.

Mariah Carey - Hero

Mary J Blige - Just Fine

Alicia Keys - No One

Tuesday, January 20

Overwhelmed With Joy! From The Plantation To Presidency

What a great day it has been! I'm so happy to say I was alive to experience this historic day. For the first time in my life I am now interested in American Politics. Why? Because now I finally believe it...

Take in this unique moment in time below.

By the way did anybody hear a speech from our wonderful Prime Minster today? Or was he caught up in other engagements??!!

Monday, January 19

This Is Why I'm Hot!

A part of my week is dedicated to producing hot Refixes for my radio show and club sets. On this Refix I've used the vocals from Estelle's smash single 'American Boy' with a whole load of Funky House tunes. The beauty of this is that I change the beats every 4 bars so you never know what beat is going to come in next... Last night, my boy DJ Zay dropped it in London's Aura nightspot and I stood there and watched people proper skanking out to it!

Now seen as though Im a generous guy I've decided to let you have a copy of this for free, and if your a DJ this is perfect for that situation where you need to rush to the toilet in the middle of your set but you wanna make sure keep the crowd bubbling, trust me this will do the trick ;-)

Download HERE

Jay Sean Celebrates NYE In Dubai

After having a very successful 2008, Jay brought in 2009 at the Kandy Club, Dubai. Watch his performance below.

Sunday, January 18

Vintage Sunday's!

On a Sunday when your doing the house work and cooking that heavy Sunday dinner, its also all about digging out them old school classics from yesteryear... Right now I'm gonna go in deep with this banger from back in 1990, yep almost 20 years ago - my gosh! This is easily one of my all time faves. Please excuse the bad timing on this video, I'm sure you'll enjoy the track all the same!

Love & Laughter I Surrender

Saturday, January 17

Akon - Beautiful (Behind The Scenes)

Make no mistake Akon is one of the biggest hit makers in the game and has been very consistent over the years since the success of his debut single 'Locked Up'. His latest track 'Beautiful' will no doubt add another string to his bow! Check the making of the video below.

New Music: LeaLea Jones - Cake

Last year I discovered a very talented unsigned singer from Hackney, London called LeaLea Jones. It was a track called 'Oh My' which caught my attention at first because of its smoothed out, Neo Soul with a twist of independent Hip Hop that got me open. Since then I've been chatting with Lea to find out her future plans and she's hoping to drop her debut album sometime this year. Of course I'll be supporting her all the way as I believe in her talent! Below is the latest track she's sent me called 'Cake'. This track has a whole lot of potential.

Ryan Leslie Doing It Big

One the things I respect about Ryan is you never can predict what he's gonna do next, check his new video below. Its like a mini film and his acting game is actually pretty good. I'll be catching up wit Ryan in the near future to see how the new album is coming along so look out for that one!

How It Was Supposed To Be (Military Version) from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Celebrity Big Brother 09 My Thoughts So Far...

Im gonna keep this short and sweet. First of all Coolio was seriously in danger of disgracing the Hip Hop community, but has now slightly calmed down. (You see what happens when you lock away a weed smoker with no bud to smoke haha) Im happy Tina was evicted last night, she was proper getting on my nerves, her language is disgusting and her habits are even worst, I mean come on bitting your toe nails and squeezing your spots on national TV just ain't the one! Shame Mutya decided to walk, at least you know her family is more important then the money! Well thats my rant over and done with!

Keri Hilson Performs Turning Me On

Love this track and Im loving Keri Hilson too, I've been supporting her way before the collaboration she did with Timbaland on the track 'The Way I Are' which really set off her career in the mainstream. Every week on my BBC Radio 1Xtra RnB show I've been blazing some hot tunes from her and I cant wait to get my hands on her debut album 'In A Perfect World' which is due out in March 09. Check out the track below - very heavy!

Hands & Feet Produced By Danja

Bring Back The Real Mccoy!

Still cant believe we don't have a replacement for this classic comedy show! I remember watching the Real Mccoy every week, then chatting about it at school the next day, pure jokes! If you don't know anything about this, watch below...

Have you got that tune?

Sorry, there's no rooms here!

Eastenders special.

Friday, January 16

Beyonce & Solange L'Oreal TV Advert (Behind The Scenes)

Beyonce brings her little sis Solange in for the new L'Oreal TV commercial.

Ryan Leslie In The Studio With Kid Cudi

The multi talented Ryan Leslie is on the grind with Kid Cudi from Kanye West's 'Good Music' family. Check them out creating that 2009 heat!

Tuesday, January 13

Teairra Marie - Hunt For You Video

I'm starting to like this track a lot more then I did when i first heard it, check the full finished video below.

Wednesday, January 7

Step Inside My World!

Just to give the track a little longer on its shelf life, I decided to add a few classic Grime tracks to replace the original beats and now I have my own personal club banger! In this climate where every DJ has access to the same tunes, its all about making your own club/radio bangers!

Flo Rida's Get Low & Grimey (G Child Refix)

Is RnB Dead?

Watch Bobby Valentino share his opinion on the current state of RnB and who is responsible for the death of it?

Jazmine Sullivan Performs On 106 & Park

Jazmine has proven that even if you fall once in your career you can still get up, brush your shoulders off, go in hard again and still be successful! Jazmine has also been nominated for an outstanding 5 Grammy Awards this year, lets hope she walks away with at least a couple. Check out her recent performance on BET's flagship music show 106 & Park

Bust Your Windows & Need You Bad

TI Ft Rihanna - Live Your Life (Original Version)

Was you a fan of that song? Well maybe the original version might tickle your fancy too.

Estelle's New Year Plans

I'm hoping Estelle has a successful 09, after having one of the biggest singles in 08, fingers crossed that she can pull another hit out of her bag. Check out what she has planned for 2009

New Years Vlog from Estelle

Tuesday, January 6

Leona Lewis Autobiography

The 2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis has decided to write a book about her life story which explains how she came from being a waitress at Pizza Hut to becoming a worldwide household name.

“The last two years have been an unbelievable experience for me. So to have it documented in pictures and to be able to tell people in my own words what it feels like means a lot to me. I know the book will be full of special moments and I’m already having a brilliant time putting it together.”

My New Present

Yeah I know I'm mad late, but for Christmas I asked for a Nintendo Wii and boy am I loving it, loving it, loving it! Apart from the fact that its had my arms aching for days, its a great console. I've had a few goes on other peoples machines but I thought it was time I owned one for myself. At the moment I only have Wii Sports, Sonic & Mario at the Olympics and some wack Guinness Book Of Records game which is way to complicating. I tried to get Mario Kart, but it had sold out :-( of course I'll have to keep on trying. Everyone is telling me its all about the Wii Fit so I'll have to get myself one of those, beats going to the gym!

Its 2009 I Wonder who's Gonna Blow

Last year we had new albums from:

Jasmine Sullivan
Taio Cruz
Ray J
Jennifer Hudson
T Pain

To name a few, this year we'll get new albums from:

Keri Hilson
Jamie Foxx
Justin Timberlake
Sophia Fresh
The Dream
Toni Braxton

Out this list I wonder which albums will actually be any good? So far from what I've heard The Dream has not impressed me, especially how I thought his debut album was a slept on classic, I'm still expecting better things from him. I hope keri Hilson's album is good, all the tracks I've heard from her so far have been to the right standard. Of course with let down of Usher's latest album I hope he can pull something out of his hat and give us the follow up album to 'Confessions' that we really want to hear!

This year will be a very very interesting year for RnB and music in general - lets wait and see what happens...

Teairra Marie 'Hunt For You' Behind The Scenes

The artist that was formally called the Princess of the Roc - Teairra Marie is currently putting the finishing touches to her new album 'At This Point' The question is can she still blow without the backing of her former mentor Jay Z?

Check out the behind the scenes footage of her new video 'Hunt For You'

Celebrity Big Brother

Never really been a fan of this show, but damn it sure grabbed my attention this time around. I think the mix of people they have in there is spot on and you know something has to go down that will cause some controversy!

I hoping its Ulrika that goes instead of Lucy on Friday, she's good to look at ;-)

Haha - lets see on this Friday's eviction night!

Click HERE for more info on Celebrity Big Brother

T Pain Ft Chris Brown - Freeze Video

OK welcome back after that short commercial break as they say. Yes I have been slacking on the the updates, but I'm back now to bring the necessary heat you need in your life, starting off with T Pain's new video 'Freeze' which also features Chris Brown! Its not very often that I would tell you to go pick up an album as I believe a lot of them aint worth spending your cash on, (if i'm totally honest) But T Pain's new album 'THR33 Ringz' is a complete master piece! Get it if you don't have it already!

Behind The Scenes

Full Finished Video