Friday, July 31

Eminem Hits Back At Mariah!

The saga continues... I've been waiting to hear how Em comes back Mariah after her 'Obsessed' diss track. Well here it is, click HERE to hear Em's reply...

Thursday, July 30

Who Is The Hottest RnB Singers In The Game,, Right Now?

Now Bobby Valentino, Ginuwine and Mario didn't make the top ten, why? I think Ginuwine should of been up there somewhere but I guess he clearly didn't work hard enough! And T Pain in top ten? I am a fan of his but I don't know about that..

What do you guys think?

Should Trey have been number one?! His free mixtape Anticipation, which he released a month or two ago gives just a little insight on how good his upcoming album Ready is going to be. I know I'm excited about it! And if you haven't got his mixtape (shame on you if you haven't!) here is the link! Enjoy! :)

And I don't know if you guys have noticed but this isn't G Child blogging, I'm Addie and I'll be blogging along with him! :) Catch me on Facebook, MySpace or you can follow me on Twitter! And I may follow back!

Its True Michael Jackson Did Have Another Child

Michael's dad Joe Jackson confirms the news - watch below...

Beyonce Wax Work

Beyonce's just been added to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood. I wonder if B likes what they have done to her...

Wednesday, July 29

Michael Jackson's Secret Son?!

I dunno what to think of this, in fact I'm not even sure if I care. Just thought I'd throw it out there!

Tuesday, July 28

Fabolous - Everyday Everything Everywhere (Video)

Easily Fab's biggest club track to date.

Friday, July 24

Fabolous - Everyday Everything Everywhere (Behind The Scenes)

This tune is going to be huge, Ryan Leslie smacked the production on this one!

G Child In The Clubs Tomorrow Night

On Saturday night, you can catch me in Sheffield for the launch party of a night called 'Heaven' @ Static!

What Is Fergie Holding???!!!

Something aint right with this picture....

Mario Speaks To

G Child In The Clubs TONIGHT

Tonight you can catch me at Rhino club in Southampton, playing everything thats hot!

G Child Meets Jeremih

Riding high off the success of his debut single 'Birthday Sex' I caught up with Jeremih earlier this week and had a good conversation about the track, his debut album, what ratings out of ten he gives other big name RnB artists, and some ladies he would like to give Birthday Sex too...

Interview coming soon - real soon! For now check out behind the scenes of his new video - 'Everywhere We Are'

Chrisette MIchele - What You Do

I love Chrisette Michele, she's so underrated. Check out her new video for 'What You Do' featuring Ne-Yo from her album 'Epiphany'

Mariah Ft Gucci Mane - Obsessed (Remix Video)

Video number 2! Gucci Mane is massive in the states but no one really knows him out here.

Shonie - Birthday Sex (female version)

Jeremih told me this week that the only thing missing from the massive list of 'Birthday Sex' remixes were more female versions and now I've found this one from new Def Jam's new signing Shonie. Have a listen below and see what you think. I'm keeping my eyes and ears on her...

Thursday, July 23

Jay Sean Ft Lil Wayne - Down (Video)

Another UK artist getting the well deserved push in the states. Check out his debut single 'Down' on Cash Money Records.

Solange Goes Natural

Solange is the latest addition to the 'Im gonna do something crazy to my hair' group.

Friday, July 17

Ne-Yo Falls Apart On Stage

I feel it for Ne-Yo, what he went through in Manchester must of been tough. in case you don't know, he ended his performance in Manchester last night after being on stage for 30 mins. Apparently he came down with a fever and was sweating a lot, so he couldn't continue the show. Check the video below...

Wednesday, July 15

Mariah - Obsessed (Video)

Check out Mariah's brand new video for 'Obsessed' from the forthcoming album 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' due out August 24th. Can't wait to see how Eminem reacts to this hahaha.

Tuesday, July 14

G Child Meets The Dream

Last week while The Dream was in London doing promo for his new album 'Love Vs Money', I caught up with him and spoke about the new album and how he compares it to his classic debut album 'Love Hate'. We also spoke about how I feel about him and Christina haha, his thoughts on Ne-Yo and Jeremih and the passing of the late Michael Jackson. Listen below.

Finished interveiw.mp3"/>

Sunday, July 12

My My My!

I had to hold it down in a major way last week when I met Christina at a recording studio in Central London mainly because I was interviewing her future husband - The Dream in the same building so being caught coming on to Christina ain't a good look haha! As you may know from checking my blog or radio show, Christina is my celebrity hottie fave! Listen to my interview with The Dream coming soon and hear his reaction after me telling him he's took my girl from me!

Beyonce - Sweet Dreams (Video)

Never thought I'd say this but I feel like B, needs to take a break...

Mario - Break Up (Video)

Now here's a track I've been blazing for months, but I don't feel like any momentum is growing with it. Not too sure why that is because I think this is banging - obviously not the 'Let Me Love You' Mario you maybe used to, but, any artist that is brave enough to diverse themselves gets my support (as long as its not too wacky!)

Saturday, July 4

Friday, July 3

Tiny & Toya Show

I don't mean to sound bad mind, but will anyone be interested in this?

The Suge Knight Light!


Michael Jackson's Last Rehearsal

By the look of this, it looks like he's in good shape.

Mariah's New Video Behind The Scenes

Whoa! Check out Mariah making the video to her new single 'Obsessed'

Thursday, July 2

UK Stand Up!

A few years ago I released a compilation album called UK Fix, which was basically a collection of the hottest tracks from the UK's independent RnB scene. I licensed tracks from Shola Ama, FDM, Omar & others. Im proud to say I did that, but I've never been able to follow it up with a part 2 because I kind of felt the UK RnB scene has took a nose dive since 2006, and now 3 years later its looking massive again! Right now there's some killer tunes about from Beverly Knight, Shola Ama, FDM, Nathan, Kyra Simone, Willis Rose, Selah, McClean, Bluey Robinson, Young Nate and Effie. So Im now thinking about a UK Fix part 2 as there's nearly enough new tunes to make a hot compilation album!

Check out this track from Effie, this is getting some serious love on 1Xtra right now!

And by the way new music can be heard from all of the artists I've mentioned on my BBC Radio 1Xtra RnB Show

Joe - Magic (Video)

The ladies choice Joe is back with a new video! Check out 'Magic' below and look out for Joe's forthcoming album 'Signature' which is released on July 14th in the states. I'm liking this track a lot!

Wednesday, July 1

LeToya Luckett Speaks About Beyonce

Its out there enough to know that since the first Destiny's Child break up, LeToya & Beyonce don't see eye to eye, but are they still on bad terms now? Watch the interview below to find out...

Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye

Another new Def Jam signing worth looking out for is Kristinia DeBarge. Her debut single 'Goodbye' should be released in the UK with her debut album 'Exposed' not long after.

I think this tune could easily be massive...

Get To Know Jeremih

Def Jam's new signing Jeremih easily has the biggest RnB tune for summer 09 and he's debut self-intitled album was released on Tuesday. Check him out below doing an interview with 50 Cent's blog

Christina Milian & The Dream On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine

Vibe Magazine have announced they will release one more issue of the legendary magazine and Christina Milian & The Dream cover it.

The question is, classy or ashy?

Michael Jackson Tribute Video

Featuring: The Game, Chris Brown, P Diddy, Usher, Mario Winans, Boyz II Men & Polow Da Don.


James Brown & Michael Jackson on stage!

LeToya Luckett - She Ain't Got

This is the second single from the forthcoming album 'Lady Love' due out Aug 25th.

BET Awards 2009 Performances

Ciara - Heal The World

Keri Hilson - Knock You Down

Maxwell - Pretty Wings

Ne-Yo - Lady In My Life

Beyonce - Ave Maria/Angel

Stars Share Their Memories Of Michael Jackson