Thursday, July 30

Who Is The Hottest RnB Singers In The Game,, Right Now?

Now Bobby Valentino, Ginuwine and Mario didn't make the top ten, why? I think Ginuwine should of been up there somewhere but I guess he clearly didn't work hard enough! And T Pain in top ten? I am a fan of his but I don't know about that..

What do you guys think?

Should Trey have been number one?! His free mixtape Anticipation, which he released a month or two ago gives just a little insight on how good his upcoming album Ready is going to be. I know I'm excited about it! And if you haven't got his mixtape (shame on you if you haven't!) here is the link! Enjoy! :)

And I don't know if you guys have noticed but this isn't G Child blogging, I'm Addie and I'll be blogging along with him! :) Catch me on Facebook, MySpace or you can follow me on Twitter! And I may follow back!

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Nadz said...

Ryan Leslie & The Dream are where its at for me in 2009!!