Thursday, January 31

Leona's Taking It To The States!

Hackney born singer Leona Lewis really done big things last year, with having the the chart topping single "Bleeding Love" and fastest selling debut album, 2008 will see the launch of her career in US and now is the perfect time for her to do that with the likes of Natasha Beddingfield, Amy Winehouse, Estelle & Corine Bailey Rae all doing so well out there.

I hope it all works out for her!

Love Mary J Blige, Love 1Xtra!

With the release of her new single "Just Fine" out now, Mary J Blige was in the UK promoting her new album "Growing Pains" which is one her best albums to date! During her trip to the UK the biggest radio station for black music - BBC Radio 1Xtra recorded 5 exclusive live session tracks from the legendary Ms Blige. All of these can be seen on the 1Xtra website - Personally I'm so happy for Mary, you can tell she is at peace with her self by hearing how she sings her heart out on "Just Fine", the rest of the new album is amazing, even the Neptunes who in my opinion haven't produced anything super hot for a few years came up with a heavy track called "Till The Morning" The album is out Feb 4th so don't forget to pick up your copy.

Check out her performance for BBC Radio 1Xtra

Wednesday, January 30

Jill Scott On The BBC

This month's Sky magazine reports that Jill Scott will play a staring role in a new TV show to be broadcast on the BBC. "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency", based on the best-selling novel series by Alexander McCall Smith, "Detective Agency" will see Jill play the lead role, Precious Ramotswe.

Originally set for the big screen, it will now appear as almost a pilot episode with the view to it becoming a TV series. Expect to see it on one of the many BBC channels in April 08.

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Written by Jonny G

Tuesday, January 29

Erykah Badu's New Video

Right now I'm gearing myself up for Erykah season and watching her new video for the first single "Honey" has got me even more excited!!! Erykah's gone for a real nostalgic feel on this one, see how many album covers you can name that are featured in the video. I'm really loving this tune - bring on Erykah!

Saturday, January 26

Tracklistings For My RnB Show On BBC Radio 1Xtra

Listen back to my RnB show on BBC Radio 1Xtra, there's always big new music to check out. On this weeks show, I Played new tracks from Danity Kane, MTB4, Trey Songz Ft Lil Wayne plus loads more... Listen Back HERE

Chris Brown- Picture Perfect (J)
Cheri Dennis- Portrait Of Love (Bad Boy/ Universal)
Mary J Blige- Just Fine (Geffen)
Bow Wow & Omarion – Hey Baby (Sony BMG)
Chris Brown /Soulja Boy – Kiss Kiss/ Crank Dat (G Child Refix)
Ciara Ft Lil Jon – That's Right (LaFace/ Zomba Label Group)
The Dream- Ditch That (Def Jam)
Britney Spears/Janet Jackson-Gimme More/ Feedback (G Child Refix)
Fergie Feat Ludacris– Glamorous (A&M)
Darion Brown-Fuel (White)
Sammie ft Lloyd & T-Pain – Feelin It (Capitol)
Uncle Charlie Wilson Feat T Pain- Super Sexy (Jive)
Trey Songz Feat Lil Wayne- I Can’t Help But Wait (Atlantic)
Nivea Feat The Dream- Once I’m Gone (White)
T-Pain-Church (Konvict Muzik/Jive Records)
Missy Elliot - Ching A Ling (Goldmind/Atlantic)
Kelly Rowland - Work (Columbia)
Danity Kane Feat P. Diddy – Damaged (Bad Boy/Atlantic)
Jay Sean- Ride It (2 Point 9)
MKT 4 – Got It Going (Bad Boy)
Kanye West Feat R Kelly-Flashing Lights (Remix)
Black Buddafly –Flashing Lights (White)
The Dream Feat Rihanna- Living A Lie (Def Jam)
Mary J Blige- Till The Morning (Geffen)
Cheri Dennis- Spaced Out (Bad Boy)
Estelle Feat Kanye West- American Boy (Atlantic/ Homeschool)
Bow Wow, Omarion, Cassidy & Soulja Boy - Girlfriend Remix (Sony BMG)
Chris Brown-Gimme What You Got (Sony BMG)
Ryan Leslie- Diamond Girl (Next Selection/Universial)
Teedra Moses – You Will Never Find (TVT)

Future Up & Coming UK Talent - Jonny G Meets LKP

As I was browsing on MySpace a while ago I came across a guy called LKP, an artist from Newcastle. I was really feeling his music so added him as a friend and over time I noticed his bulletins and messages new tunes, mixtapes etc and I genuinely thought this guy could do things! Recently I'm hearing a song on BBC Radio 1Xtra that I'm nodding my head to, trying to figure out where I recognised it from and DJ B announced it was a track called "I'm Ready" by an artist named LKP! I've been fortunate recently to cross paths with him and caught up with him for an exclusive interview:

Mr LKP aka Lil Kriss P, tell us a bit about yourself, I understand you started as a DJ?

I started out singing in bands when I was about 16, doing everything from RHCP to Blackstreet, and I eventually moved into DJing about the same time, just playin the average 12"s from HMV's now defunct vinyl department. I was massively into UKG at the time, but there was no scene up here, and all I was going clubbing to was RnB with Wayne McDonald and Jay Rockwell, so it kinda started from there, nearly 10 years in the game now! I'm currently DJing to 5000+ people a week, so I must be doing something right. I have been associated with brands such as Twice as Nice and LoveDough.

You had one previous attempt of breaking the scene with your group InFamUs, tell us about that.

I ended up singing along to a Gabriek by Roy Davis Jnr - if you don’t know, get to know - in a record shop in Sheffield, and the DJ who ran the RnB section ended up putting me in touch with a producer called T-Mak. The tracks we did together were heavy, but because of distance, time, money and a couple of pro differences it just ended up coming apart. We had airplay all over the place, and did a few shows in London, but it was damn hard work before the evolution of MySpace as a platform for showcasing yourself. We were also on the first series of Chancers on Channel 4, but that was a waste of time….

Listening to your tracks, you have a very smooth style of RnB, similar to the likes of Joe, Jon B, with a few hints of neo soul, which artists have inspired you over the years?

Musiqsoulchild is probably my favourite of all time, but I like to listen to everything really. With DJing, I cant turn a deaf ear to much, but I know what I like. Other artists over the years I would have to say Donnel Jones, Dwele, 112, Jon B, Raphael Saadiq and all the classic like Stevie, Al and Marvin, have to give those guys a mention.

Cool cool, so being such a music fan myself I know how hard it is to pick just one, so if you could pick 3 albums you could listen to over and over again, what albums would they be?

Musiq – Juslisen (my fave one by him, just)
India.Arie – Accoustic Soul
Dwele – Some Kinda

Plus another 20 ha ha

Moving onto the R&B scene itself, it's gone through such a change since the 90's and early noughties, give us your feelings on the scene as a whole at the moment?

The scene is going through changes that it needs to go through to evolve. We are seeing a definite split between the RnB heads and the kids in the clubs. Personally think that some people who should be getting some shine aren’t and some people who have great drive and ambition, but have little of what I like in an artist, are getting very far. 2008 is shaping up to be a decent year though, the underground is rising!

Who are you favourite artists at the moment?

If I had to pick a favourite artist for now it would be Dwele, for me hes on a another level, but club wise Ryan Leslie is cool too.

The UK is such a hard nut to crack; last year we saw Nathan and Natalie Williams doing big things, before that Terri Walker has been doing her thing, as well as Shawn Emmanuel and L-Marie. How do you feel about the UK R&B scene and why do you think it's so hard for UK talent to get noticed?

One word…saturation. It is much easier for a label to go and pick a ready-made star from the states than it is to nurture one here. There are thousands of wannabes like myself but someone in my situation in the states has already got a better rep over here as they are American, its crazy but understandable. We also need more club tunes from the UK! Then we can spin their music out to people easier! Big ups to all those that are still trying, you are the ones who keep the scene alive.

How much of an impact has the digital age had on your music? As an independent artist has it made it easier to get your name about?

When I was with The InFamUs, the promo side was incredibly hard, but nowadays it's much easier. The only problem for a music fan is finding something you like, as there is a lot of material out there that doesn’t cut the mustard for me as a DJ. 

Your new track "I'm Ready" has been getting airplay on the majority of commercial stations recently, I've heard it on Wayne McDonald's Funkbase show on Galaxy, DJ B on BBC Radio 1Xtra has been pushing it, how did that track come about? It's produced by DC Joseph right?

I have known Wayne (half of DC) for a long time, so it just seemed natural to eventually work with them, but we had no idea when it would happen properly. We did some work together in about 2005, but more recently when I entered a project called Soundscope I was paired up with Wayne to write and produce a track, and "I'm Ready" ended up being the finished product. Then we both just promoted it round all the DJs and sat back to see what happened. 

How does it feel to hear yourself on the radio? What's the feedback been like?

The feedback has been pretty overwhelming, Hearing it on the radio is great, especially when its coming from such big stations as BBC Radio1Xtra and Galaxy. Really really cool. I have the advantage of being able to play it in the clubs up here, the dance floor reaction has been pretty phenomenal too. 

What are the plans with regards to releasing the track as a single? Where can we get a hold of it?

Well at the moment its just a free download as part of the promo for my album. It's well underway and I'm hoping to have it completed and pressed for summer 08. We pressed up the InFamUs and I know how expensive it is to press vinyl, even if they sell out!!

The remix featuring Silver is huge; Silver's bars over your track is like the icing on the cake, how did that remix come about?

I have known Silver for about a year, and for me I knew his voice and flow would work over the track, so it was just a case of getting him a copy to write to, then it just flowed from there. I was well pleased with the end result.

So where does LKP go from here? What are the plans for the album? Have you given it a title yet?

The album is about 7 tracks deep at the moment, and Im writing and recording nearly everyday. Hopefully it should be done for summer and available through my facebook and myspace pages. Its as yet untitled, but I have a few ideas…Im also doing some songwriting alongside DC Joseph, so maybe I can be the next Robin Thicke! Ha ha!

Are you doing any shows or gigs anywhere at the moment? Where can we see you?

Live wise, I am not doing too much. I will have a few PAs around the North East over the next couple of months, and maybe Leeds and Yorkshire as well. I am currently DJing more than ever, but if anyone wants to get in touch then do it, I'm up for all live shows, and you can get a LKP DJ set from it too! Currently I DJ at the biggest night in Newcastle, Skint @ Liquid every Thursday, which packs in 3000 plus a week. 

I'm gonna open the last part of this up to you bro, is there anything you want to say to our readers? Anything you want to promote?

Just big ups to all the people supporting from the start….Gemma my girlfriend, Wayne, Dex, Jay, Steesh, Dom P, Julius, Urban Noize, Silver, T-Mak for that opportunity, J-Rugged, DJ Swing (R.I.P), keep an eye out for the album when it drops, and look out for a Best of Both Worlds style mixtape from myself and Silver around summertime too. Big up to all at, and Hope the DJing goes well Jonny!

Gotta say a massive thank you for taking the time out to answer a few of my questions, I wish you the best of luck with the single! I love it, radio seems to be eating it up and I'll definitely be picking up my copy on 12" when I can!

For more info on LKP you can catch him on his MySpace page , &

You can download LKP feat Silver - "I'm Ready" (Remix) HERE:

Friday, January 25

Beyonce & Tina Turner To Perform Together

This is something I have to see, two of the biggest Divas on one stage at the same time - thats big! The performance is set to take place at the prestigious annual Grammy Awards on Feb 10th @ The Staples Centre, L.A. I've always thought that Beyonce has been heavily influenced by Tina Turner with the rock style singing, the hair shaking and her dance moves. Check out Beyonce paying tribute to this tribute Tina Turner @ The Kennedy Center Honor, New York in 2005.

Thursday, January 24

Danity Kane Pose for King Magazine

Am I the only one that thought the first Danity Kane album was actually pretty good? I'm happy they have made it to album number two. "Welcome To The Doll House" is due out in March. Earlier today I heard a new track called "Damaged" which won an online vote by fans to become the first single from the album.

Well the ladies are looking good on the cover of King Magazine, check out behind the scenes of the shoot HERE

Looking Forward To Janet's New Album?

It's always a big occasion when Janet drops a new album, even if the last two were pretty poor and basically unsuccessful in comparison to all of her previous albums but for me I always wish the best for her and hope that she'll be back on top making more timeless music. I was at the play back for her and Mariah's new albums hosted by Island Def Jam Chairman - L.A Reid last week in Central London, so I've heard 80% of the album and from what I remember most of the album was up tempo with a massive club sound, but Janet's vocals never stood out over any of the tracks apart from the slower ones where she puts on that super sexy voice. I dunno maybe when I hear the album again I might feel differently about it but for the now the memories are not that great I'm sorry to say. As for Mariah OMG! She done did again - whooo hoooo! Wait till to hear that.

Take a listen to Janet's recent radio interview with Kiss FM in the US. This interview is very interesting as she covers loads of subjects including the big possibility of a Jackson 5 reunion, her new album and her thoughts on Akon's "Wanna Be Starting Something" cover. Listen HERE

Erykah Badu's New Album

Wow I remember when I first heard Erykah's debut album "Baduizm", I was at my sisters and she told me to check out this new artist and see what I think of her, just from looking at the album cover I was a bit like is this gonna be some boring off key sounding RnB? I can pleasantly say it grabbed my attention from start to finish and still does to this day, now thats the true meaning of a classic album! I'm sure many will agree that Erykah has never topped her phenomenal debut album, which seems to be an existing pattern for a lot of artists. Good news is though that Erykah has a new album called "New Amerykah" due out Feb 26th (US date) So far I'm feeling the "Honey" track and I recently heard a new track called "The Healer" which sounded a little odd at first but I'm now liking it.

Check out the funky album cover artwork.

Info On The Mariah Album And More!

Mariah Carey's brand new album...where do I start!!

The follow up to the massive 2005 "Emancipation of Mimi" entitled "That Chick" - is scheduled for release on the April 1st 2008. The 10 track album features T-Pain and Damian Marley and production credits go to Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins, Will.I.Am and Janet Jackson's boo, Jermaine Dupri.

There have been a recent number of highly guarded sessions where people in the industry had a chance to preview this album and Janet's and the majority of the feedback all favour Mariah's album. It's rumoured to be her best album yet, topping the almighty Emancipation record - so you know this is going to be big!

The tracklisting are as follows:

"Lovin' You Long Time"
"Touch My Body"
"That Chick"
"Thanx for Nothin'"
"For the Record"
"Migrate feat T-Pain"
"Cruise Control feat. Damian Marley"
"Love Story"
"Bye Bye"

As of yet there haven't been any tracks leaked to the net or DJ's which is building the media buzz and anticipation even more! I for one can't wait for this and I'm sure G-Child can't either!!

In other news, as I reported a couple of weeks ago, tracks from the new N*E*R*D album have started to surface...well one so far anyway. "Everyone Nose" has started to make it's way around the internet and the best way to describe it is...well...NUTS! It's a crazy fusion of Brokenbeat/Drum & Bass/Jazz, with a chilled out break in the middle. I'm really into it and can't wait to hear what else they have to offer!

Speaking of the Neptunes, a group of German music fans known as "Black n Beatz Vibez" who leak tracks over the internet have somehow got their hands on a snippet of a brand new Cassie track produced by the Neptunes and leaked it. Denise of Cassie's unofficial fan site "" spoke with Cassie who revealed that they sent the unfinished song to a girl that they wanted to write a hook for the song and believe during the transition, the song was leaked. Part of the vocal's aren't even Cassie's. Cassie said:
"I know fans encourage getting new music, but it really messes it up for the artist. I'll never be able to release [it] if I can't finish a song without it getting leaked!"

112 fans rejoice! Black N Beatz Vibez have also leaked the brand new 112 track, currently un-named but believed to be entitled 'We're gonna make it' the track is a return to form for 112. It's a smooth track with the unique harmonies of 112 lacing the chorus, a DJ scratching over the instrumental and what can only be compared to Ginuwine's "Little Man"(for anyone who owns the 100% Ginuwine album) repeating "We gon" make it'. Hopefully this will make their new album, set for release later this year on their own record label One Twelve Music Group.

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Written by Jonny G

Ray J's Back!

In all honestly I lost a lot of respect for Ray J when he leaked his own sex tape, I thought it was a cheap publicity stunt. Away from that he's now back with a new single "Sexy Can I" and a new album "All I Feel" which features guest appearances from Snoop, The Game & Lil Wayne and is set for release in April.

Check out the video for the first single "Sexy Can I" - I'm loving this tune.

Saturday, January 19

Christina Milian Joins MySpace.

Not long ago I posted up some new pics of Christina Milian just for the sake of it as I thought she was looking hot, but its now been brought to my attention that she has signed a deal with social network giants MySpace. In 2006 Christina was dropped from Island Def Jam because the poor sales of her album "So Amazing" which if I'm honest wasn't the best. So after a 2 year break Christina will be dropping a new album via Myspace/Interscope Records. No doubt her boyfriend Dre of production duo Cool & Dre will be on the boards for most of the album. Lets see what happens.

Tracklistings for my RnB show last night on BBC Radio 1Xtra

Here's what I played on last night's 1Xtra RnB Show.

Don't forget you can listen to show here

Chris Brown /Soulja Boy – Kiss Kiss/ Crank Dat (G Child Refix)
Latoya Luckett Feat Bun B - Swagger (Capitol)
Keisha Cole Feat Too Short - Didn’t I Tell You (Geffen)
Missy Elliot - Ching A Ling (Goldmind/Atlantic)
R Kelly – Your Hair (Jive)
Bow Wow & Omarion– Hey Baby (Sony BMG)
Darron Brown -Fuel
Ciara – That's Right (LaFace/ Zomba Label Group)
Tiffany Evans Feat Bow Wow - I’m Grown (Columbia)
Mary J Blige – Just Fine (Geffen)
Justin Timberlake Feat Missy Elliot - Sexy Back (Remix) (Jive)
Cheri Dennis - Portrait Of Love (Bad Boy)
Uncle Charlie Wilson Feat T Pain - Super Sexy
Britney Spears/Janet Jackson -Gimme More/ Feedback (G Child Refix)
Nicole Scherzinger Ft T.I - Whatever You Like (Interscope)
Ryan Leslie Feat Kanye West - Diamond Girl (Next Selection/Universal)
T-Pain -Church (Konvict Muzik/Jive Records)
The Dream - Ditch That (Def Jam)
Cheri Dennis - Spaced Out (Bad Boy
Estelle Feat Kanye West - American Boy (Atlantic Homeschool)
Trey Songs Feat Mr Vegas - I Can’t Help But Wait (Remix)
Ray J Ft Yung Berg - Sexy Can I (Koch)
Black Buddafly –Flashing Lights (White)
Jagged Edge - The Whole Town Is Laughing (Def Jam)
B2K - Body (TUG)
Mary J Blige - Till The Morning (Geffen)
Corey Latif Williams – Fix That (White)
Mario Feat Juelz Santana- Let Me Watch (Song BMG)
Bow Wow, Omarion, Cassidy & Soulja Boy - Girlfriend remix (Sony BMG)
Ludacris/ Justin Timberlake/ Timbaland- Saturday/ The Way I Are (G Child Refix)
Mariah Carey - Say Something (Def Jam)
Mariah Carey - Shake It Off (Def Jam)
Bobby Valentino - Annoymous (Reavers Remix)

Wednesday, January 16

Info On Cassie's New Album

Though as yet untitled, Ryan Leslie's protoge Cassie has set an initial release date of the 20th May for her sophmore album.

Speaking to she said, “I guess I grew up a lot but I’m still in essence the same person,” “Lots has changed in my life, stuff that has made me think about things differently. I’m more vulnerable and you can hear my vocals better this time around. There’s real emotion and a much realer connection with my fans.”

What we know so far about the album is it will feature more than just Ryan Leslie productions this time around with rumours of her working with Kanye West, Pharrell and a number of other producers surfacing a while ago.

So far 2 tracks reportedly set for the album have leaked onto the internet, 'In love with the DJ' and 'Sometimes' featuring Ryan Leslie.

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Saturday, January 12

G Child On BBC Radio 1Xtra last night

Here's what I played on last nights 1Xtra RnB show.

Bow Wow, Omarion, Cassidy - Girlfriend remix (Sony BMG)
Nicole – What You Like (Interscope)
Chris Brown – Throwed (Def Jam)
The Dream - Ditch That (Def Jam
J Holiday - Bed remix (Capitol)
Darion Brown – Fuelled
Mary J Blige – Grown Woman (Geffen)
Jay Sean – Ride It (2 point 9 Records)
Ciara ft Lil Jon – That’s Right (Sony BMG)
Ray J – Sexy Can I (Atlantic)
Cherri Dennis – Spaced Out (Bad Boy)
Bow Wow, Omarion - Jump Off (Columbia)
Missy Elliot – Ching a ling (Atlantic)
Justin Timberlake ft Missy Elliot - Sexy Back (Jive)
R Kelly – Hair (Jive )
Chris Brown /Soulja Boy – Kiss Kiss/ Crank Dat (G Child Refix )
T Pain - Church (Jive)
Janet Jackson – Feedback – (Virgin)
Mary J Bilge – Just Fine – (Geffen)
Jagged Edge – Whole Towns Laughing (Island)
The Dream – Falsetto (Def Jam)
Kelly Rowland Ft Tank – The Show (Sony)
Corey Latif Williams – Promise Me
Mary J Bilge – Till The Morning (Geffen)
Chrisette Michelle – Be OK (Def Jam)
Uncle Charlie Wilson Feat T Pain- Super Sexy (Jive)
Estelle ft Kanye West - American Boy (Homeschool)
Kano ft Craig David – Badboy (679)
Cheri Dennis ft Yung Joc– Portrait Of Love (Bad Boy)
Kelly Rowland – Work – (Sony)
Teedra Moses – Listen Baby (TVT)
Ryan Leslie ft Kanye West - Diamond Girl (Next Selection Universal)

If you wanna have a listen back to show click HERE

Monica Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Congratulations to Monica as she is now the proud mother of her new baby boy. The baby weighed 5 pounds, 6 ounces and is still unnamed at the moment.

During her pregnancy Monica has still been hard at work in the studio working towards a new album after the disappointing result of her last album "The Making Of Me".

Thought I'd post up the video for "Knock Knock".

Will.I.Am To Re-release Songs About Girls?

“We went with the wrong single and it sold nothing,”
“We would’ve been in better shape if we had pulled the album, because to relaunch it is harder.”

These are quotes from an insider at Interscope records.

To date the album has sold less than 50,000 copies since September and instead of cutting their losses and moving on, Interscope are set to add 3-4 more tracks to the album and re-release it with a harder hitting single than the forgettable "Got It From My Mama".

I gotta be honest, I have the first 2 albums released on BBE and loved them but never gave any time to this album so I can't really say whether I think it's worthy of a re-release or not. Reviews of the album wern't terrible though, if he can add 3 release-worthy tracks to the album then I'm sure the album can shift more than 50,000 copies in the first month! Just look how many units he shifted with the Black Eyed Peas!

The re-release date is believed to be early 2008

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Friday, January 11

Ne-Yo - Go On Girl Video

The super talented singer/songwriter/producer Ne-Yo is back with a brand new video for the track -"Go On Girl" from his latest album "Because Of You". I have to admit this track never jumped out at me when I first heard it on the album, but I can now see it's potential as a successful single.

Wednesday, January 9

The Month Of January

Christmas is over, the January sales have started and if you have any money left at all by the end of the month then here's a list of the albums set for release in the UK in January and the start of February (don't forget the pre orders and imports!)

Jaheim - Makings Of A Man (Jan 14th)
Raheem Devaughn - Love Behind The Melody (Jan 21st)
Van Hunt - Popular (Jan 21st)
Alicia Keys - Miss Keys (Jan 28th)
Mary J Blige - Growing Pains (Feb 4th)
Nicole Scherzinger - Her Name Is Nicole (Feb 4th)

On a side note you can pre-order Raheem Devaughn's album from the HMV website for £3.99 which is a bargain!

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Tuesday, January 8

New Janet Jackson Video

Well here it is... The brand new video for Janet's comeback single "Feedback". Personally I was expecting so much more from this, but it just seems like an average video for an average track, nothing more nothing less. Would this make you wanna rush to the store and pick up the album? It don't make me. Now don't get it twisted I'm far from a Janet hater, in fact I'm still a fan but regardless of that, if the music is not hitting the spot then I'm going to be honest about my feelings towards the music.

Take a look for yourself and make your own mind up about the video.

Behind The Scenes Of Timbo's New Video

The video is for the forthcoming single "Scream" which features Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger. Wow! How hot do they both look? I've been a bit of fan of Keri's since I heard her track "Hands & Feet", I'm just wondering if and when she's going to drop an album?! It has to be said that Timbaland is the most successful producer turned rapper in the history of Hip Hop, I really don't know another rapper that has done as well. Do you?

Check behind the scenes

Monday, January 7

David Gest Is Nuts

With K-Ci & JoJo, Coolio, Peabo Bryson, Shalamar, Candi Staton, Deniece Williams, Billy Paul, Martha Wash/The Weather Girls and Patrice Rushen, television star and producer David Gest stars in his first musical play/concert encompassing the story of his life with comedy and music. He became a national treasure after his appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and his appearance as host of The Friday Night Project showed that he can easily hold his own on stage.

Read the BBC article here:

Written by Jonny G

Sunday, January 6

Mary's Back On Top!

Nowadays you really can't fool the public into buying your music, if it's wack they ain't having it, if it's hot they'll buy it. That's why Mary J's new album "Growing Pains" is currently number 1 in the US pop charts! I'm so happy for Mary, as we know she's been through her fair share of drama but at least it's good to know the music is still banging! Go Mary, go Mary...

Janet On The Set Of Her New Video

New label, new Album, new Janet? Well, time will tell once the album drops. Check out the preview of Janet's new video for her single "Feedback". Personally I think the track is OK, but it's not banging - I always think about the ground breaking music Janet has made in the past and I always hope that she can make another modern day classic. Come on Janet, you can do it!

Saturday, January 5

Bar Rumba (London)

I have to big up the guys who put on a night called the "Get Down" every Friday night @ Bar Rumba in London's West End. The night has been running successfully for quite a few years and its all always packed wall to wall with the hottest vibes!

I did a set in there about 2hrs ago and it was crazy!

This is my boy Taz who was signed to Def Jam UK a few years back - look out for him this year, he played me some new stuff he's made and it's pure fire!

Of course the ladies always look nice at Bar Rumba.

The crowd love to party in there.

If ever your in London's West End and you want to rave hard on a Friday night, trust me Bar Rumba is the place to be.

G Child On BBC Radio 1Xtra last night

Each and every Friday from Midnight - 2am it's all about the 1Xtra RnB show with me G Child, this is the show that keeps you up to date on the fast moving world of RnB. Have a look at the track listings from tonight's show (Jan 5th 2008)

Cheri Dennis- Spaced Out (Bad Boy)
Chris Brown- Gimme What You Got? (Jive)
Bow Wow Feat Omarion – Hey Baby (Columbia)
Mary J Blige – Just Fine (Geffen)
Jay Sean – Ride It (2 Point9 Records)
Rahsaan Patterson- No Danger (Dome/Artistry)
Justin Timberlake Feat Missy Elliot- Sexy Back (Remix) (Jive)
The Dream- Ditch That (Def Jam)
R Kelly – Your Hair (Jive)
Teedra Moses-Listen Baby (TVT)
Nicole Scherzinger Ft T.I- Whatever You Like (Interscope)
Mario- Let Me Watch (Song BMG)
Chris Brown- Picture Perfect (Def Jam)
Ciara – That's Right ( LaFace/ Zomba Label Group)
Mary J Blige Feat Ludacris- Grown Woman (Geffen)
Corey Latif Williams – Fix That
Omarion Feat Bow Wow- Can’t Get Better Than Me (Columbia)
The Dream – Falsetto (Def Jam)
2 Dark Feat Angel V- Thinking About You (White)
Kelly Rowland- Work (Columbia)
Ryan Leslie-Diamond Girl (Next Selection/ Universal)
Mary J Blige- Till The Morning (Geffen)
Fat Joe Feat J Holiday- I Won’t Tell ( Terror/ Imperial/ Capitol)
Kano Feat Craig David –Bad Boy (679)
Cheri Dennis- Portrait Of Love (Bad Boy)
Janet Jackson –Feedback (Def Jam)
Uncle Charlie Wilson Feat T Pain- Super Sexy
Llyod- Get Shawty (The Inc, Sho'nuff, Universial)
J Holiday- Bed (Remix)
Bow Wow & Omarion Feat Soulja Boy & Cassidy- Girlfriend (Remix)
Craig David-Six Of One Thing (Warner)

If you wanna have a listen back to show click HERE

Friday, January 4

Christina Milian 2008 comeback?

Will the beautiful Christina Milian make a come back this year? Who knows... At this precise moment in time I don't really care I was just looking for an excuse to put these pictures up! LOL

Sorry I know this was a cheap shot but when a man is crazy in love he'll do anything for his lady :-)

Mariah does NYE performance half naked!

I really don't know what to think about Mariah at the moment, I mean I know it's been a while since she dropped her innocent "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" look but I still can't get used to her in these skimpy outfits. Not saying it's wrong because it's all about however she feels comfortable I guess and lets be real, her current album 'The Emancipation Of Mimi" was the Mariah most people wanted to hear so she's delivering the right music. Maybe I should leave it at each to their own...

Check her performance here.

Ciara New Video

Ciara was kind enough to give her fans a new video for Xmas. The video is for the track "Thats Right" produced by Lil' Jon. It was like a present for me too, as I'm a massive fan of this tune, I battered it on my radio show for months! Check the guest appearance from Monica who I'm sure can relate to this song.

Check out the video

Download a copy of my Exclusive Refix mix here

I've uploaded a classic refix mix for you to download and play on your MP3 player, but I suggest you download it quickly before the link expires, so its first come, first served! Once it's gone, it's gone... What you waiting for?

Click HERE to download my free mix.

Enjoy and don't say I don't ever give you anything :-)

End of 2007 round up

Yep, another year gone in what feels like 6 instead of 12 months. Gotta say last year had been a great year for me as I've out done what I did the year before and thats always my aim. I reckon 2008 is going to be a very interesting year, the music we know and love is rapidly changing the digital era is becoming stronger and stronger, its like this afternoon I was watching Eastenders on my laptop via the new BBC iPlayer. Do you know what this means...? It means even when I'm out and about or abroad i'll never miss an episode again LOL! In all honesty I don't know why I watch it, you know it's been a bit do do this year. They need to bring back - Grant, Frank Butcher, Den Watts maybe even Ali from the cafe back in the day LOL and yes I know some of these people have been killed off but anything can happen with Eastenders.

Right enough about that and back to my 2007 round up. Check out these pics from my international & UK gigs last year, oh what fun I've had!

Ayia Napa at the Castle Club was a great look.

Thessaloniki (Greece)

Larnaca (Cyprus)


Timbaland After Party @ Indigo 02 London

BBC Radio 1Xtra Carnival After Party

I rounded of this year at the Isis Nightclub in Nottingham, where I brought in the New Year to 2000 party people and there was also a live performance from the legendary boy band Blackstreet!

So on that note I can only say I'm truly looking forward to greater challenges this year and even more success!