Thursday, April 30

The Dream & Christina Milian Speak Out On Working Together.

If your still interested in their situation watch below. Gotta say damn The Dream seems real shy, maybe he's sprung...

Teairra Mari Ft Flo Rida - Cause A Scene (Video preview)

Here's a lil preview of Teairra's new video for her single 'Cause A Scene'. Before you watch it, ladies not all men act like the dude in the video!

Maxwell - Pretty Wings (Video)

Maxwell the RnB star of the 90's is back with a new tune & video.

The track is not a bad lil number, but damn dude looks different with his hair like that. Guess the afro had to go one day.

Wednesday, April 29

Kelly Rowland's New TV Show

Although it seems as though Kelly hasn't had the best start to 2009, she's still continuing to get in where she fits in!

Check out Kelly on Fox TV talking about her new fashion show which begins in May 09 in the states.

Friday, April 24

A Day In The Life Of Ciara

Her new album 'Fantasy Ride' finally drops on May 4th so Ciara will be doing Webisode's each week to show how she's gearing up for the big release.

Beyonce Gets A Lil Weepy

Nothing wrong with crying on camera so I'm not dissing Beyonce at all!

Wednesday, April 22

Mario Turns Into A Skin Head!

I think to have this done you really need to have the right head shape! For example if you have one like Ne-Yo's, your in trouble! Damn I'm feeling a bit brutal today, oh well.

So Mario has gone a shade lower, well actually, as low as you can get! Let take a look at him through the years

The beginning

The 2004 look

The new look

Listen below to Mario's new track 'Break Up' Ft Gucci Man & Sean Garret

Jacko All Covered Up

Right now I'm in that indecisive mood where I can't work out if I still feel sorry for this dude or do I just think he's a fruit cake haha. Nah I shouldn't laugh after all he has an illness that no one else in the world has ever suffered from so maybe I should show a little sympathy. Btw this picture was taken while the weather was hot like a mofo!

Beyonce 100 Single Ladies Flash-Dance Piccadilly Circus, London.

Shi* where was I when this was taking place! Clearly not at Piccadilly Circus - damn!!!!

Beyonce will be performing at a free gig for Tridents 'Unwrapped' event in November. Wanna go? Try your luck HERE

G Child Meets Keri Hilson!

Keri will be in London this week and there is no way she can be here and I don't meet her! Any other DJ that says they've been supporting her for ages are bullsh*****, they only jumped on her when she was featured on Timbaland's 'The Way I Are' single. I've been blazing her joints way before that! Sorry, gotta put the smack down on this one!

I'll be catching up with Keri this Friday so look out for the interview coming soon....

J Holiday Live!

J's new album 'Round 2' is out now, and MySpace have featured his performance as part of their 'Beyond The Sound' feature.

Check it out below!

Jamie Foxx & Timbaland Perform On Jimmy Kimmel Show

Jamie's not the greatest singer in the game but he sure knows how to make a dope album. If you haven't checked out 'Intuition' yet, put your trust in me and go pick it up, you'll love it - wicked album!

Below you can watch Jamie performing 'Blame It' and 'I Don't Need It' Ft Timbaland on Jimmy Kimmel's TV show.

Ciara - Fantasy Ride Album Preview

Her new album drops on May 4th and if you want to try before you buy, check out the snippets HERE

Monday, April 20

JLS & Lemar To Host The MOBO Awards 2009

Finally the MOBO Awards are leaving London to host their next ceremony in Glasow, Scotland on September 30th 2009.

Sunday, April 19

Ne-Yo - Part Of The List (Video)

The singer, songwriter, producer extrordanaire Ne-Yo is back with his new single 'Part Of The List'. Ne-Yo is the saviour of RnB!

Saturday, April 18

G Child In The Clubs

Boy, I'm still catching up on sleep from doing Cardiff, Gloucester & Chippenham this week but it don't stop there. Right now I'm in Glasgow chilling in my hotel room, preparing my set and jeeze its gonna be big tonight! Next week Tuesday you can catch me in Coventry at the student union club. Then on Saturday I'll be at the Syndicate nightclub in Bristol and Chicago Rock Cafe also in Bristol the day after. Catch me if you can!!!

Solange Performs T.O.N.Y

I wonder if Solange hates being labeled as Beyonce's little sister all the time? Dunno, anyway Beyonce's little sister Solange is currently promoting her new single 'T.O.N.Y. Check her recent performance on the Jimmy Fallon show below.

Tuesday, April 14

Bow Wow Calls It A Day!

Well in all honesty, this news never suprised me one bit. In fact, you'll hear him say everything he's ever wanted to do has been done, which is fair enough if thats how he feels, but I would of thought it was every artists dream to have at least 1 classic album especially if you've dropped 7 like he has! Also wouldn't you want at least one classic tune, one that you'll always be remembered for? Personally I think he knows the importance of jumping before your pushed!

I remember interviewing Bow Wow just before he dropped his debut album 'Beware Of Dog' back in 2000 and I distinctly recall him being very miserable and unapproachable - but to be fair he was only 13 years of age at that point so I won't hold it against him.

Monday, April 13

Chrisette MIchele's Counting Down The Days...

Not long to go before Chrisette drops her new album.

Saturday, April 11

Oh No You Didn't!!! Cassie's Shaved Her Hair!

I wonder if this was Diddy's idea? Personally I don't think this is a good look!

Friday, April 10

Nina Sky - On Some Bullshi* (Video)

The original one hit wonder duo are back! Actually did they even go anywhere?

Beyonce Nintendo DS Advert

If I didn't have one already, I'd be hitting Curry's later...

Max Meets Melanie Fiona

1Xtra's queen of daytime radio met up with future star Melanie Fiona - watch the interview below...

Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, April 9

Alesha Dixon - Lets Get Excited (video)

Not really my cup of tea, but its not all about me...

Tuesday, April 7

Catch Me Out And About Over The Easter Period!

With the start of this years easter celebrations coming up, its time for me to start preparing for my gigs over the season.

Don't forget to join me on TWITTER for on the spot updates!

This Thursday, April 9th, Hustle @ Bar Non, Southport alongside DJ Olabean (Liverpool's hottest DJ)

Sunday 12th April - Temptation @ Liquid Diva, Gloucester alongside Maxwell D (Pay As U Go)

Sunday 12th April - TwiceasNice @ Glam Nightclub, Cardiff alongside Mikey B (Dreem Teem)

The Definition Of Being A Stalker!

This is some real stalkerish type ish! Their not even doing anything! Btw I prefer Christina's hair tied back...

Chris Brown Say's He's Not Guilty!

I never thought I'd say this, but there's a small part of me that feels sorry for him. Obviously we still don't know the facts on what really took place between him and Rihanna and I also think any man that can harm a woman in such a way needs help, especially at Chris's age. I know I've changed my tune, but I'm just being open minded about the whole situation.

Sunday, April 5

Mel B, Oh Gosh :-) (The Video!)

Its one of them ones where I don't even care she can't dance...

Friday, April 3

Day 26 At War

Wow - grown men crying, fighting and basically acting like children! I'm just trying to work out if these guys have ever took acting lessons... Think I'll stick to my Eastenders lol

Reppin' The UK: FDM Back For 2009!

The guys have been away in the States for a while, and its good to have them back with something new and hot! Press play below and hear their brand new track 'Talk About Us'. FDM formally known as Fundamental 03 have signed a deal with Universal Geffen & Compound Entertainment (Ne-Yo's label) and will get a major push in the US this year! I wish them all the best and hope they can open a few doors out there.

Talk About Us

Mel B, Oh Gosh :-)

Whooooooooooooa!!!!! Seen this on my girl Max's blog so you know they had to get jacked haha

Moving to the states has done Mel so much good, look at her now, she's world class... As Mr Kipling would say - Exceedingly good!!!

Day 26 Ft Diddy & Young Joc - Imma Put It On Her (Video)

I like this tune a lot, although I'm not the biggest Day 26 fan.

Thursday, April 2

Melanie Fiona Live In London

There's a lot of heat around Melanie right now and rightly so, she's heavy and you can see that for yourself below as she covers Kanye West's 'Heartless' track at the Mr Hudson show @ Scala in London last month.

I stole this from DJ Semtex's blog (Yes he's a secret RnB DJ!)

Back In Glasgow

Looking forward smashing up the place @ Kushion in Glasgow on April 18th, its been a few months since I was last up there so all my Scottish crew get ready for me!

Also I'm up in Southport at Bar Non on April 9th with my boy DJ Olabean, this is gonna be messy!

The Dream Speaks On Relationships

This is the first interview I've heard The Dream really go deep and talk sense. If you've been through a tough time in a relationship I'm sure you'll relate to what he has to say...

Also in the interview he talks about his situation with Christina Milian and says some very interesting things about their so called relationship... And if you watch right till the end you'll see him get serious on the presenters!

Part 1

Part 2

The Halle Berry Skank LOL!

Watch the super sexy Halle Berry perform her new skank on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Wednesday, April 1

Teairra Marie's Blowing My Mind!

Jeez! She looks good, like how Christina Milian has moved on, I think its time I did the same thing!

Lil Kim - Download (Behind The Scenes)

Lil KIm is still one of my favourite female rappers, and I've been rinsing this track for months on my radio show, so I'm glad to see them making a video for it.

RichGirl - He Aint Wit Me Now

First of all big up to Suzy Mojona for sending me this banger from Richgirl.

Richgirl consists of 4 members: Audra, Brave, Lyndritte & Seven. The girls have been signed to super dope producer Rich Harrison's label 'Richcraft Records' and have their debut album set for release this year.

Press play to hear their new single 'He Aint Wit Me Now' which I'm tipping for big things!