Monday, June 29

Friday, June 26

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

When someone told me Michael had passed, I was like huh, so the first thing I did was put on BBC news and at this stage the rumors were un-confirmed, so from that moment on I was glued to the TV waiting for more breaking news. Although L.A Times reported he'd died, I still didn't want to believe it. I was just hoping he would pull through and make it some how, sad to say but obviously he never.

Now Im thinking how different music would of been without his unique contribution, the amount of people he has inspired is remarkable. He's music is untouchable and he is truly is one of kind and will never ever be forgotten.

RIP Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 25

Mariah's New Album Cover

Mariah is set to drop her new album 'Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel' on Aug 25th, so check out how the album will look on shelves.

Day 26 - Girlfriend Video

Wednesday, June 24

Max & Kelly Rowland Talk About Men

1Xtra's daytime queen and fellow Brummie Max talks to Kelly Rowland during here recent trip to the UK.

Oh No You Didn't!!!

Just found this on Youtube, this is funny!!! I wonder if they'll get signed off the back of this?!

Big Tunes Out There Right Now!

Here's a few tunes you should be on right now. Of course you can hear me playing them and much more on my radio show

Jeremih - Birthday Sex
Easily the biggest RnB track out there at the moment, watch out for the UK remixes coming soon, also listen out for another hot track from him called 'Raindrops' - Seriously big!

Jon B – Drops of Rain Remix

He's back! This is hot, Jon's mellow melodic style never fails me.

Rich Girls – He Ain’t With Me Now Though
A track that Im happy to say I played first - this is HUGE! Watch out for the girls debut album dropping later this year, also scroll down on this blog if you want to check out the video for this track.

Nicole Wray – I Like It
After a break for a few years Nicole's back, and good for her! 'I Like It' uses a sample from 2Pac's 'I Get Around'. Nicole's last 2 albums have been shelved so hopefully her forthcoming album 'Ms America' comes out later this year.

Bluey Robinson – I Know
Unsigned UK heat! This is an instantly likable track, very catchy and and well written. Im sure a major will snap up Bluey sometime soon, as he's a great package.

Kyra Simone - Cup Of Coffee
More UK heat!!! Its more pleasurable to play hot stuff from the UK, obviously we all love and get inspired by what comes from the states, but we don't own that and never will, so at least I can have a bigger part to play in helping the success of a UK artist which equals a great result all round. Kyra is someone who I came across before, but I dismissed because I was caught up in playing Jiggy RnB on the radio, but now thats all changed and Im glad to be supporting this soulful piece of music.

Beyonce & Jigga @ Madison Square Garden

I need to see these two together on stage!

Tuesday, June 23

Ciara - Work (Video)

I have to be the first DJ in the UK to be on this track, rinsed it while it was still a demo with no Missy on it! Guess Im big like that ;)

More Advice From NeYo

Harsh but true, if you wanna be the next Beyonce, you have to look the part!

Ciara On The Cover Of Rap Up Mag

Cant say she looks like a man now!

Chris Brown Has Nothing To Say!

Wow, let me get this straight - you beat up a person, you plead guilty and all you get is five years on probation, attend courses on domestic violence, and perform 180 days of community service! Now thats a great example to set...

G Child In The Clubs

This Friday, I'll be back in my hometown Birmingham for a night called Essentially Urban @ Bambu, also fellow Birmingham DJ 3Style will be celebrating his birthday on the night, so it should be a good one!

Raheem DeVaughn - Art Of Noise Mix CD

Here's your chance to download some FREE good music! Click here to get Raheem's new mix CD

Cassie Gets Dissed On Air!

It was only a matter of time before this happened!

Saturday, June 20

OMG! Jamie Foxx The Lucky Bas****!!!

Now this is what you call perks of the job!

A Day In The Life Of Ginuwine

So the Gizzle Ginuwine is back with a new album 'A Man's Thoughts' and to be fair, its actually pretty good. I say actually because all of his previous album after 100% Ginuwine haven't been too great. On this album he's recorded tracks with Bun B (UGK), Brandy and reunited with Missy Elliott & Timbaland!

Ryan Leslie Gives Words Of Advice!

Ryan is a good person to give advice, he's living his dream and doing it very well! Learn more about him below.

Ryan Leslie: Diamond Girl Live & Exclusive Blog Check Interview

Wednesday, June 17

Saturday, June 13

Jamie Foxx Ft Drake - Digital Girl

Cassie Ft Diddy - Must Be Love (Video)

At last the video is here for the best track Cassie has every done. (thats my opinion) Look out for the remix to this track as well, which compared to the original is a weak attempt to duplicate that 'Golden' Bad Boy sound.

Thursday, June 11

OMG! Wendy Williams Kicks Pleasure P Out Of The Studio!

This is some funny shizzle! Former Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P gets dissed hard and dashed out of the studio in a recent interview with the notorious queen of radio Wendy Williams. Follow me on Twitter, click HERE

Angie Martinez Meets Maxwell

Check out Hot 97 presenter Angie Martinez chatting to Maxwell about his upcoming album.

Ciara - Work (Video Preview)

Been playing this on my radio show since it was a demo without Missy Elliott on there so I'm happy that they have decided to make it the next single.

RichGirl - He Aint Wit Me Now (Video)

Love this track and I can confidently say I was the first DJ in the UK to play this. I spoke to the girls last month and they told me how big this year is going to be for them. I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, June 10

Jeremih Interviewed

Find out more about RnB's new rising star.

Cassie Tells Her Side Of The Story

You may or may not of seen the fantastic, I mean revealing pictures of Cassie which leaked on the net last month. Watch her below telling her side of the story...

Tuesday, June 9

Amerie - Why R U (Video)

Not had a chance to watch this properly as Im at the airport about to fly out to Turkey, but I thought I'd wack this up quick.

Still not really feeling the tune, maybe the video will sell it to me...

Thursday, June 4

JLS - Beat Again (Video)

This song reminds me of Kardinal Offishall's 'Dangerous'. Wasn't a fan of these guys during X Factor but, I wish them well.

Wednesday, June 3

G Child In The Clubs

Tonight you can find me in Trowbridge for the Summer Bubbler party at Chicago Rock. Its also a dress as you dare party, which includes bikini's :-)

Jeremih - Birthday Sex (video)

Easily one of the biggest tunes around at the moment from 21 year old Chicago native Jeremih.