Tuesday, March 31

Trey Songz - Brand New (Video)

New Trey Songz video!

Trey Songz - Brand New

Young Nate - I Wonder (Video)

Easily the biggest UK RnB tune out there at moment, killing the airwaves right now! I'm liking the video too, its nice, simple and LOCAL, not like some of the wannabe American style videos...

Monday, March 30

Pharrell Loses It On Stage!

Whoa! Looks like someone got out of the bed the wrong side. **Contains Strong Language**

Kelly Rowland Dropped!

According to 50 Cent's Blog, Kelly Rowland has been dropped from Columbia Records! It was only 2 months ago since she fired her manager Matthew Knowles. It'll be interesting to see what her next move will be...

Charlie Wilson Live

Former Gap Band member Uncle Charlie Wilson performs his new single 'There Goes My Baby' on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

The Dream In The Studio

Time to get inside the studio mind of The Dream. 2 hits in an hour!

Sunday, March 29

Chrisette MIchelle Hooks Up With Ne-Yo

Check out Ne-Yo giving Chrisette a few wise words!

Angie Martinez Meets Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson chats to Hot 97's Angie Martinez about the smash album 'In A Perfect World' OUT NOW!!!

Ginuwine - Last Chance (Video)

Not a bad tune, a lot better than some of the previous stuff I've heard from him recently. I'm still hoping for him and Timbaland to hook up again...

T Pain Injured In An Accident

False teeth may be needed...

Friday, March 27

Sophia Fresh - What It Is (Video)

I wonder why Kanye isn't in the video for this? Maybe the label cut their budget so Kanye had to go! Or more than likely he was too busy, that sounds more like it.

Anyway Sophia Fresh are a group I've been supporting for a ages on my radio show, so I'm happy to see some progress with their project.

Sophia Fresh - "What It Is" Official Video

Young Nate - I Wonder (Behind The Scenes Video)

One of the most promising rising stars from the UK RnB scene has to be Young Nate, his been putting in the work for a minute and has had a fair amount of support and success with his previous material. 'I Wonder' could easily be his biggest track to date!

From the footage below, you can see a scene was shot on a bus and how much he enjoys Mc Donald's!

The new single 'I Wonder' is taken from his brand new EP 'A Piece Of Me'

Rihanna's New Tattoo's

Hmm, is this the repercution after her ordeal with Chris Brown? Seems a bit disturbing to me.

Beyonce Nintendo DS Advert (Behind The Scenes)

She can play with my DS any day!

Thursday, March 26

Ray J - For The Love Of Ray J (Video)

There goes Ray J doing what he does best - being sleazy! (not a diss!) I actually rate him, usually a sex tape can mess up your career, well not for him, he got a show on VH1 out of it!

The soundtrack 'For The Love Of Ray J' is out now.

Keri Hilson Addresses The Haters

In a recent interview with Real Talk NY, Keri has her say on the haters!

Tuesday, March 24

Monday, March 23

Sunday, March 22

Vintage Sunday's!

2 Pac 'Dear Mama' perfect song for today!

Saturday, March 21

Ciara Love Sex Magic (Video preview)

Not really liking the tune, but wow, how hot is Ciara looking in the video?! To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen her look so good.

Behind the scene

Eric Benet - Chocolate Legs

Damn, this is like soft porn lol

Wednesday, March 18

Ray J - Sexy Ladies (Video)

This tune has proper grown on me...

Ginuwine & Brandy Duet

Monday, March 16

Ciara Love Sex Magic Single Artwork

Whooooooa, steamy steamy! She sure is growing up fast! Still not my favourite Ciara track...

Jay Sean & Keisha Buchanan In The Studio

Check out Jay sean and 'Sugababe' Keisha Buchanan in the studio working on some new material.

Sunday, March 15

Keri Hilson Ft Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Knock You Down (Behind The Scenes)

Here's a very sneak peak at the video shoot for Keri Hilson's 'Knock You Down' single, which also features Kanye West & NeYo.

This tune is gonna massive and I've heard the full album now and it's the hottest RnB album since The Dream's 'Love Hate'.

After the shoot celebration meal

Saturday, March 14

Q Of Day 26 & Dawn Of Danity Kane Talk Real Dirty!

D list celebrity couple Q & Dawn have been talking pure filth on Shade 45, listen at your own risk! Over 18's only thank you!

Keri Hilson - In A Perfect World Sampler

Beings though I'm the UK's biggest Keri Hilson fan, I thought I'd upload some of my favourite tunes from her debut album 'In A Perfect World'.

Keri Hilson Ft Keyshia Cole & Trina - Get Your Money Up

Keri Hilson Ft Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Knock You Down

Keri Hilson Ft Akon - Change Me

Keri Hilson - How Does It feel

The album is released on March 24th (US Date)

The Dream Ft Kanye West - Walking On The Moon (Performance)

Easily one of my favourite tracks so far this year! This is the kind of ish that Jacko should be making.

Thursday, March 12

Day 26 Ft Diddy & Young Joc - Imma Put It On Her

Wow Diddy admitted he lost his swagger, but is taking it back to 1994, when Bad Boy Records was about to rise to the top!

Have a listen to the new Day 26 single which personally I think aint all that, but thats just my opinion...

Also check out Diddy in the studio with Cassie mixing 'Must Be Love'. I prefer this track much more, this is kinda hot!

Usher Joins Ryan Leslie On Stage!

I have a lot of respect for Ryan, he truly is talented and a grafter! Recently he's been touring promoting his self titled album and on one of his New York dates Usher joined him on stage and bless the crowd with a mini medley! Watch it below...

Ciara Fantasy Ride Album Artwork

Check out the new revitalised version of Ciara's 'Fantasy Ride' album artwork. I still have to admit I'm not a big fan of her new single 'Love Sex Magic' but because I've liked most of her previous work I'm gonna support the track in the clubs and on air.

Also watch Ciara chilling out with family and friends below.

Chrisette MIchelle - Epiphany (Video)

I cant begin to tell you how much I love this track, Chrisette is one artist I seriously recommend you keep an ear out for...

Chrisette's 'Epiphany' album is out March 31st (US date)

Visit her MySpace page for more info & music.

The Return Of Cleopatra!

On Monday I was watching this program on Living TV, don't ask how I ended up on that channel, think it was cos of ANTM, yeah so what, I'm in touch with my feminine side.

Anyway so I'm watching this program about the return of 90's teeny bopper girl group Cleopatra. Well my thoughts after watching their show is, sometimes in life you have to know when to let go and stop chasing that dream. It don't mean you have failed at whatever you're trying to achieve, to me it means your just being realistic.

So that leaves me feeling that Cleopatra's attempt to reclaim their former fame is a massive long shot! Never the less, I wish them all the best.

Wednesday, March 11

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John Legend @ The Brixton Academy

The Legend that is John (Get it? Haha) touched down in London Town for a one date show at the Legendary Brixton Academy on Monday and whilst peeing about on Twitter, I came across Shanty Joeng's pictures from the night - which I thought are really good so with her permission, you can check them out below...

Big up Shanty Joeng!

The Dream & Christina Milian On 106 & Park

I'm still not feeling the hair, but looks slightly better than the picture that surfaced the net last week...

The Dream & Christina on 106 and Park from necole bitchie on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 10

Ray J - Sexy Ladies (Behind The Scenes)

Been beating this track out on my radio show for a few weeks and I have to say its grown on me a lot! Ray J's a G, he's turned being a bit sleezy into $$$.

The Dream Ft Christina Milian - Amazing (Remix)

The Dream is too sick!!! Remember never let anyone tell you your not good at something if you know you are! Words from the wise ;-)

New Artist - New Music!

Just stumbled across this artist called Shonie and wow I'm impressed, this track 'Can't Let Go' reminds me of something that could of come out in like 2001, around the same time when The Rayne dropped 'Didn't You know', only real RnB heads will know that track, no offence if you don't!

Shonie was raised in Miami but born in the Bronx and is currently signed to Slip n Slide Records.

This is the first track I've heard from Shonie and I like it so, I'll be on the look out for more material...

Shonie Ft Fabolous - 'Cant Let Go'

Click HERE to go to Shonie's MySpace page

Just in case you wondered who The Rayne were...

Chris Brown Has To Go...

If you look at the images at the top of my Blog, you can see a picture of Chris next to Mary J, well beings though I'm disgusted by Chris's recent behavior, I've decided I need to change it and get him OFF!

Maybe I'll get Ne-Yo to replace him. Look at the exposure Chris is losing out on now lol.

If you think I'm taking this too far, feel free to drop me a line...

Keri Hilson - Make Love (Video)

Keri Hilson is the artist Im tipping to do big things this year, so I'm hoping she don't get slept on...

This month marks the release of her highly anticipated debut album 'In A Perfect World' and a short preview video has just surfaced on the net which sees her getting hot n steamy with Yeezy.

LeToya Luckett - Not Anymore (Video)

Its good to see LeToya back in effect, she one of my favourite members of Destiny's Child, in fact if had to choose between her, Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams, She'd definitely come first!

Below is the video for LeToya's new single 'Not Anymore' which has a similar look like Sonlage's 'I Decided' video.

Be on the look out for LeToya's new album 'Lady Love' dropping in May 09.

Mel B Looking Real Good!

Mel has done for herself over the years, apart from falling for a punk like Eddie Murphy!

Dribble, oops I mean have a look at her new pictures below...

Monday, March 9

The Ultimate Dream Post!

I've been saying for ages, its all about The Dream and right now its easy for me to document his talent.

The Dream Ft Mariah - My Love

The Dream Ft Ludacris, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana & Fabolous - Rockin' That Sh** (DIRTY VERSION)

Below is four of my favourite tracks from The Dream's new album 'Love Vs Money'

Walking On The Moon Ft Kanye West

Take Ya Home To My Mama

Kelly's 12 Play

Put It Down

Beyonce Covers LA Confidential Mag

Looking this good should be a crime! ;-)

Here's a few pics from a new special video to coincide with her 'I Am' Tour

Chris Brown - Clearly Not A Man Of His Word!

Back in Dec 08, Chris was interviewed by DJ Clue, watch the conversation below and hear what he has to say about hitting Rihanna.

Oprah has her say on the matter.

However there is ONE person on Chris's side, (apart from his highly paid legal team!) and guess who that is....?

I'm now trying to work out what wasteman + wasteman equals, maybe double wastemen!!!

Saturday, March 7


D Woods, ex member of Danity Kane has kindly offered her new Mix CD 'Independence Day Vol 1' as a free download. I've check it out myself, just to make sure its worthy of being given away on my blog and I can say its alright, worth a listen...


Christina Milian & The Dream On The Road

OK so I think today I'm in a ranting mood... In fact I don't think, I know! Blonde hair and red lipstick is so not the not the look! Well I don't think it is. This disturbs me as I've loved Christina off for ages... But seeing her look like this, well lets just say I'm not finding it very appealing... :-(

Teairra Marie's Looking Might Fine!

This is where I say to myself, damn if you look this good who cares about the music you bring out haha, Nah I'm just playing - the music is important, of course it is... But I have to say Teairra is looking mighty fine in these new pictures!

In depth Info On The Chris Brown Case

Even if Rihanna has taken him back, that don't mean this is over... Watch below.

My thoughts - Lock the Pri** away!

Jacko In London

I don't mean to put a downer on this, but damn after watching what 'few words' he had to say, I thinking unless I get a free ticket - I aint spending my money to watch Jacko at the O2 Arena in July... Lets be real, he wont be doing any of those classic moves we're used to and he'll more then likely do some outrageous s*** that will be in the newspapers the next day. Final thought - thanks, but no thanks!

Thursday, March 5

Nivea WTF!

Whoa! What the hell has happened to Nivea? In the words of Jamie Foxx 'Blame it on the goose, got ya feeling loose!'

Wednesday, March 4

Jazmine Sullivan - Dream Big Video

Take a look at the new video for Jazmine's 4th single 'Dream Big'

Tuesday, March 3

Whoa! What happened Here??!!

What has my baby gone and done to her hair? This is so not a good look! I need to have a few words with her...

Btw this is Christina Milian's new hairstyle, I know terrible aint it!

Monday, March 2

Three Of The Hottest RnB Tracks At The Moment

Three RnB tunes you need to be aware of right now!

Jamie Foxx Ft T Pain, Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes - Blame It Remix

The Dream Ft Kanye West - Walking On The Moon

R Kelly Ft 50 Cent - Do What It Do

Sunday, March 1

Refix Pressure!

Another hot Refix for the collection guaranteed to smash any rave!

KId Cudi - Day & Night G Child Funky Refix