Thursday, March 12

The Return Of Cleopatra!

On Monday I was watching this program on Living TV, don't ask how I ended up on that channel, think it was cos of ANTM, yeah so what, I'm in touch with my feminine side.

Anyway so I'm watching this program about the return of 90's teeny bopper girl group Cleopatra. Well my thoughts after watching their show is, sometimes in life you have to know when to let go and stop chasing that dream. It don't mean you have failed at whatever you're trying to achieve, to me it means your just being realistic.

So that leaves me feeling that Cleopatra's attempt to reclaim their former fame is a massive long shot! Never the less, I wish them all the best.


Addie,. said...

I Used To LOVE Cleopatra,.!
Omg,, Soooo Old.! Lmao,.
: )

Anonymous said...

Cleopatra were really succesful in the UK & US and I think a comeback from them would be great. We have Girls Aloud, Sugababes and now The Saturdays! Cleopatra look good and Cleo can sing most out of the pool! Bring them back yes!

Nadz said...

Terrible hair and outfits...oh dear!

Oh and ain't no shame in your game, nothing wrong with a bit of ANTM G!