Monday, March 9

Chris Brown - Clearly Not A Man Of His Word!

Back in Dec 08, Chris was interviewed by DJ Clue, watch the conversation below and hear what he has to say about hitting Rihanna.

Oprah has her say on the matter.

However there is ONE person on Chris's side, (apart from his highly paid legal team!) and guess who that is....?

I'm now trying to work out what wasteman + wasteman equals, maybe double wastemen!!!

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Anonymous said...


In an unsurprising turn of events, new police details have emerged. Apparently reports that haven’t surfaced yet show that Chris Brown claims that Rihanna hit and beat him first that now infamous night last month. Apparently she has beat up on him a few times before where he just walked away, pushed her away, or up against a wall to get her to stop. But that night in question now is, despite previous reports, allegedly the first night he snapped and hit her back. Sources say everything did start with a text message Rihanna found on his phone, and that’s when he began hitting her back as described.

Chris says because of all this, he’ll plead to a misdemeanor charge with no jail time. But his actions don’t warrant a felony charge. The flip side to this is the fact that Rihanna had much more severe bruises than him and he may have had the ability to just “leave the situation alone”. So a jury could still find him guilty of the felonies he’s charged with. And the fact that Chris sent a text message to Rih’s assistant right after the incident apologizing for what he did, could implicate a full confession. Time will tell…

Now you see how this situation came about, if Rihanna knew how to keep her hadns to herself then this whole thing would never have happened and this is not to say thet i condone domestic violence. Well one thign si for sure, she has definetely learnt something.....