Wednesday, June 24

Big Tunes Out There Right Now!

Here's a few tunes you should be on right now. Of course you can hear me playing them and much more on my radio show

Jeremih - Birthday Sex
Easily the biggest RnB track out there at the moment, watch out for the UK remixes coming soon, also listen out for another hot track from him called 'Raindrops' - Seriously big!

Jon B – Drops of Rain Remix

He's back! This is hot, Jon's mellow melodic style never fails me.

Rich Girls – He Ain’t With Me Now Though
A track that Im happy to say I played first - this is HUGE! Watch out for the girls debut album dropping later this year, also scroll down on this blog if you want to check out the video for this track.

Nicole Wray – I Like It
After a break for a few years Nicole's back, and good for her! 'I Like It' uses a sample from 2Pac's 'I Get Around'. Nicole's last 2 albums have been shelved so hopefully her forthcoming album 'Ms America' comes out later this year.

Bluey Robinson – I Know
Unsigned UK heat! This is an instantly likable track, very catchy and and well written. Im sure a major will snap up Bluey sometime soon, as he's a great package.

Kyra Simone - Cup Of Coffee
More UK heat!!! Its more pleasurable to play hot stuff from the UK, obviously we all love and get inspired by what comes from the states, but we don't own that and never will, so at least I can have a bigger part to play in helping the success of a UK artist which equals a great result all round. Kyra is someone who I came across before, but I dismissed because I was caught up in playing Jiggy RnB on the radio, but now thats all changed and Im glad to be supporting this soulful piece of music.