Thursday, June 11

OMG! Wendy Williams Kicks Pleasure P Out Of The Studio!

This is some funny shizzle! Former Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P gets dissed hard and dashed out of the studio in a recent interview with the notorious queen of radio Wendy Williams. Follow me on Twitter, click HERE


Anonymous said...

Probably hidin the fact that he's a child molester!!! I used to like Pleasure P until this sick shit

Anonymous said...

WOW after hearing this and the talks of Pleasure P being a child molester, it definitely sounds like something to hide. Other interviews say he wante dto go solo bt HERE he says he didnt want to.
JEEZ WILL someone tell the truth?

kyon said...

she kicked him out b/c he wasn't answering any of her questions. A lot of celebs do that.

DJ G Child said...

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Anonymous said...

Wendy Williams does nothing but gossip.. she simply kicked him out because he wasn't feeding into the bullshit and drama she was trying to get into. She may have had proof he was there but if he wants to deny it then let him and don't kick him out. Clearly she pissed him of as well but he kept the beauty pageant answers and attitude while on air. She's very unprofessional in how she does things.

And I'd also like to say, yes he may have molested a kid and I don't at all condone that behavior but this is something that happened years ago and he had to pay the price for his actions and I'M SURE he learned his lesson. People feel too comfortable taking one mistake whether it be major or minor and try to use to turn others against a person. We all make mistakes but everyone is not criticizing and judging us for them all are they??

Princess Amber said...

@ Anonymous,

what you and the rest of the young/young minded people of the world fail to realize is....CHILD MOLESTATION IS **NOT** A ONE TIME THING!! It's something in his psyche that he needs help for-and even then may not be "fixed".

If someone raped or murdered someone...would you feel safe around them? I mean, after was just that one time....right? Just because he's gone to jail (juvenile at that) doesn't mean its out of his system..just means he will be more careful next time.

Maybe you feel like defending him since you really like his song "Boyfriend #2" ..but he'd rather be your child's "Playmate #1"