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Future Up & Coming UK Talent - Jonny G Meets LKP

As I was browsing on MySpace a while ago I came across a guy called LKP, an artist from Newcastle. I was really feeling his music so added him as a friend and over time I noticed his bulletins and messages new tunes, mixtapes etc and I genuinely thought this guy could do things! Recently I'm hearing a song on BBC Radio 1Xtra that I'm nodding my head to, trying to figure out where I recognised it from and DJ B announced it was a track called "I'm Ready" by an artist named LKP! I've been fortunate recently to cross paths with him and caught up with him for an exclusive interview:

Mr LKP aka Lil Kriss P, tell us a bit about yourself, I understand you started as a DJ?

I started out singing in bands when I was about 16, doing everything from RHCP to Blackstreet, and I eventually moved into DJing about the same time, just playin the average 12"s from HMV's now defunct vinyl department. I was massively into UKG at the time, but there was no scene up here, and all I was going clubbing to was RnB with Wayne McDonald and Jay Rockwell, so it kinda started from there, nearly 10 years in the game now! I'm currently DJing to 5000+ people a week, so I must be doing something right. I have been associated with brands such as Twice as Nice and LoveDough.

You had one previous attempt of breaking the scene with your group InFamUs, tell us about that.

I ended up singing along to a Gabriek by Roy Davis Jnr - if you don’t know, get to know - in a record shop in Sheffield, and the DJ who ran the RnB section ended up putting me in touch with a producer called T-Mak. The tracks we did together were heavy, but because of distance, time, money and a couple of pro differences it just ended up coming apart. We had airplay all over the place, and did a few shows in London, but it was damn hard work before the evolution of MySpace as a platform for showcasing yourself. We were also on the first series of Chancers on Channel 4, but that was a waste of time….

Listening to your tracks, you have a very smooth style of RnB, similar to the likes of Joe, Jon B, with a few hints of neo soul, which artists have inspired you over the years?

Musiqsoulchild is probably my favourite of all time, but I like to listen to everything really. With DJing, I cant turn a deaf ear to much, but I know what I like. Other artists over the years I would have to say Donnel Jones, Dwele, 112, Jon B, Raphael Saadiq and all the classic like Stevie, Al and Marvin, have to give those guys a mention.

Cool cool, so being such a music fan myself I know how hard it is to pick just one, so if you could pick 3 albums you could listen to over and over again, what albums would they be?

Musiq – Juslisen (my fave one by him, just)
India.Arie – Accoustic Soul
Dwele – Some Kinda

Plus another 20 ha ha

Moving onto the R&B scene itself, it's gone through such a change since the 90's and early noughties, give us your feelings on the scene as a whole at the moment?

The scene is going through changes that it needs to go through to evolve. We are seeing a definite split between the RnB heads and the kids in the clubs. Personally think that some people who should be getting some shine aren’t and some people who have great drive and ambition, but have little of what I like in an artist, are getting very far. 2008 is shaping up to be a decent year though, the underground is rising!

Who are you favourite artists at the moment?

If I had to pick a favourite artist for now it would be Dwele, for me hes on a another level, but club wise Ryan Leslie is cool too.

The UK is such a hard nut to crack; last year we saw Nathan and Natalie Williams doing big things, before that Terri Walker has been doing her thing, as well as Shawn Emmanuel and L-Marie. How do you feel about the UK R&B scene and why do you think it's so hard for UK talent to get noticed?

One word…saturation. It is much easier for a label to go and pick a ready-made star from the states than it is to nurture one here. There are thousands of wannabes like myself but someone in my situation in the states has already got a better rep over here as they are American, its crazy but understandable. We also need more club tunes from the UK! Then we can spin their music out to people easier! Big ups to all those that are still trying, you are the ones who keep the scene alive.

How much of an impact has the digital age had on your music? As an independent artist has it made it easier to get your name about?

When I was with The InFamUs, the promo side was incredibly hard, but nowadays it's much easier. The only problem for a music fan is finding something you like, as there is a lot of material out there that doesn’t cut the mustard for me as a DJ. 

Your new track "I'm Ready" has been getting airplay on the majority of commercial stations recently, I've heard it on Wayne McDonald's Funkbase show on Galaxy, DJ B on BBC Radio 1Xtra has been pushing it, how did that track come about? It's produced by DC Joseph right?

I have known Wayne (half of DC) for a long time, so it just seemed natural to eventually work with them, but we had no idea when it would happen properly. We did some work together in about 2005, but more recently when I entered a project called Soundscope I was paired up with Wayne to write and produce a track, and "I'm Ready" ended up being the finished product. Then we both just promoted it round all the DJs and sat back to see what happened. 

How does it feel to hear yourself on the radio? What's the feedback been like?

The feedback has been pretty overwhelming, Hearing it on the radio is great, especially when its coming from such big stations as BBC Radio1Xtra and Galaxy. Really really cool. I have the advantage of being able to play it in the clubs up here, the dance floor reaction has been pretty phenomenal too. 

What are the plans with regards to releasing the track as a single? Where can we get a hold of it?

Well at the moment its just a free download as part of the promo for my album. It's well underway and I'm hoping to have it completed and pressed for summer 08. We pressed up the InFamUs and I know how expensive it is to press vinyl, even if they sell out!!

The remix featuring Silver is huge; Silver's bars over your track is like the icing on the cake, how did that remix come about?

I have known Silver for about a year, and for me I knew his voice and flow would work over the track, so it was just a case of getting him a copy to write to, then it just flowed from there. I was well pleased with the end result.

So where does LKP go from here? What are the plans for the album? Have you given it a title yet?

The album is about 7 tracks deep at the moment, and Im writing and recording nearly everyday. Hopefully it should be done for summer and available through my facebook and myspace pages. Its as yet untitled, but I have a few ideas…Im also doing some songwriting alongside DC Joseph, so maybe I can be the next Robin Thicke! Ha ha!

Are you doing any shows or gigs anywhere at the moment? Where can we see you?

Live wise, I am not doing too much. I will have a few PAs around the North East over the next couple of months, and maybe Leeds and Yorkshire as well. I am currently DJing more than ever, but if anyone wants to get in touch then do it, I'm up for all live shows, and you can get a LKP DJ set from it too! Currently I DJ at the biggest night in Newcastle, Skint @ Liquid every Thursday, which packs in 3000 plus a week. 

I'm gonna open the last part of this up to you bro, is there anything you want to say to our readers? Anything you want to promote?

Just big ups to all the people supporting from the start….Gemma my girlfriend, Wayne, Dex, Jay, Steesh, Dom P, Julius, Urban Noize, Silver, T-Mak for that opportunity, J-Rugged, DJ Swing (R.I.P), keep an eye out for the album when it drops, and look out for a Best of Both Worlds style mixtape from myself and Silver around summertime too. Big up to all at, and Hope the DJing goes well Jonny!

Gotta say a massive thank you for taking the time out to answer a few of my questions, I wish you the best of luck with the single! I love it, radio seems to be eating it up and I'll definitely be picking up my copy on 12" when I can!

For more info on LKP you can catch him on his MySpace page , &

You can download LKP feat Silver - "I'm Ready" (Remix) HERE:

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