Thursday, January 24

Info On The Mariah Album And More!

Mariah Carey's brand new album...where do I start!!

The follow up to the massive 2005 "Emancipation of Mimi" entitled "That Chick" - is scheduled for release on the April 1st 2008. The 10 track album features T-Pain and Damian Marley and production credits go to Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins, Will.I.Am and Janet Jackson's boo, Jermaine Dupri.

There have been a recent number of highly guarded sessions where people in the industry had a chance to preview this album and Janet's and the majority of the feedback all favour Mariah's album. It's rumoured to be her best album yet, topping the almighty Emancipation record - so you know this is going to be big!

The tracklisting are as follows:

"Lovin' You Long Time"
"Touch My Body"
"That Chick"
"Thanx for Nothin'"
"For the Record"
"Migrate feat T-Pain"
"Cruise Control feat. Damian Marley"
"Love Story"
"Bye Bye"

As of yet there haven't been any tracks leaked to the net or DJ's which is building the media buzz and anticipation even more! I for one can't wait for this and I'm sure G-Child can't either!!

In other news, as I reported a couple of weeks ago, tracks from the new N*E*R*D album have started to surface...well one so far anyway. "Everyone Nose" has started to make it's way around the internet and the best way to describe it is...well...NUTS! It's a crazy fusion of Brokenbeat/Drum & Bass/Jazz, with a chilled out break in the middle. I'm really into it and can't wait to hear what else they have to offer!

Speaking of the Neptunes, a group of German music fans known as "Black n Beatz Vibez" who leak tracks over the internet have somehow got their hands on a snippet of a brand new Cassie track produced by the Neptunes and leaked it. Denise of Cassie's unofficial fan site "" spoke with Cassie who revealed that they sent the unfinished song to a girl that they wanted to write a hook for the song and believe during the transition, the song was leaked. Part of the vocal's aren't even Cassie's. Cassie said:
"I know fans encourage getting new music, but it really messes it up for the artist. I'll never be able to release [it] if I can't finish a song without it getting leaked!"

112 fans rejoice! Black N Beatz Vibez have also leaked the brand new 112 track, currently un-named but believed to be entitled 'We're gonna make it' the track is a return to form for 112. It's a smooth track with the unique harmonies of 112 lacing the chorus, a DJ scratching over the instrumental and what can only be compared to Ginuwine's "Little Man"(for anyone who owns the 100% Ginuwine album) repeating "We gon" make it'. Hopefully this will make their new album, set for release later this year on their own record label One Twelve Music Group.

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Written by Jonny G

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