Thursday, January 24

Erykah Badu's New Album

Wow I remember when I first heard Erykah's debut album "Baduizm", I was at my sisters and she told me to check out this new artist and see what I think of her, just from looking at the album cover I was a bit like is this gonna be some boring off key sounding RnB? I can pleasantly say it grabbed my attention from start to finish and still does to this day, now thats the true meaning of a classic album! I'm sure many will agree that Erykah has never topped her phenomenal debut album, which seems to be an existing pattern for a lot of artists. Good news is though that Erykah has a new album called "New Amerykah" due out Feb 26th (US date) So far I'm feeling the "Honey" track and I recently heard a new track called "The Healer" which sounded a little odd at first but I'm now liking it.

Check out the funky album cover artwork.

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