Thursday, January 24

Looking Forward To Janet's New Album?

It's always a big occasion when Janet drops a new album, even if the last two were pretty poor and basically unsuccessful in comparison to all of her previous albums but for me I always wish the best for her and hope that she'll be back on top making more timeless music. I was at the play back for her and Mariah's new albums hosted by Island Def Jam Chairman - L.A Reid last week in Central London, so I've heard 80% of the album and from what I remember most of the album was up tempo with a massive club sound, but Janet's vocals never stood out over any of the tracks apart from the slower ones where she puts on that super sexy voice. I dunno maybe when I hear the album again I might feel differently about it but for the now the memories are not that great I'm sorry to say. As for Mariah OMG! She done did again - whooo hoooo! Wait till to hear that.

Take a listen to Janet's recent radio interview with Kiss FM in the US. This interview is very interesting as she covers loads of subjects including the big possibility of a Jackson 5 reunion, her new album and her thoughts on Akon's "Wanna Be Starting Something" cover. Listen HERE

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