Thursday, July 2

UK Stand Up!

A few years ago I released a compilation album called UK Fix, which was basically a collection of the hottest tracks from the UK's independent RnB scene. I licensed tracks from Shola Ama, FDM, Omar & others. Im proud to say I did that, but I've never been able to follow it up with a part 2 because I kind of felt the UK RnB scene has took a nose dive since 2006, and now 3 years later its looking massive again! Right now there's some killer tunes about from Beverly Knight, Shola Ama, FDM, Nathan, Kyra Simone, Willis Rose, Selah, McClean, Bluey Robinson, Young Nate and Effie. So Im now thinking about a UK Fix part 2 as there's nearly enough new tunes to make a hot compilation album!

Check out this track from Effie, this is getting some serious love on 1Xtra right now!

And by the way new music can be heard from all of the artists I've mentioned on my BBC Radio 1Xtra RnB Show

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