Saturday, January 31

I Done Did It Again!

No long talk, just listen to the exclusive hotness I've provided below.

Missy Elliott - Jungle Refix


k.m said...

whaddup G.. k.m here (1x/TJ's).

hahaha, thats not bad ya know ;) im not saying its wow, but its ok ya know.. if u get me..

so lets see.. what do i hear in the mash up... feel free to correct me...

and maybe 1 more i cant rmbr the name of, but i've got it on original tho..

DJ G Child said...

3 out of 6 is OK!

You missed:

Hot Flame
The License
Stamina (The Dream Team Remix)

Nice one!

k.m said...

i said stamina.. hhaha ;)

yeh thats it, licence... dont recognise hot flame, so i doubt i got that even on some comp cds etc..