Monday, January 19

This Is Why I'm Hot!

A part of my week is dedicated to producing hot Refixes for my radio show and club sets. On this Refix I've used the vocals from Estelle's smash single 'American Boy' with a whole load of Funky House tunes. The beauty of this is that I change the beats every 4 bars so you never know what beat is going to come in next... Last night, my boy DJ Zay dropped it in London's Aura nightspot and I stood there and watched people proper skanking out to it!

Now seen as though Im a generous guy I've decided to let you have a copy of this for free, and if your a DJ this is perfect for that situation where you need to rush to the toilet in the middle of your set but you wanna make sure keep the crowd bubbling, trust me this will do the trick ;-)

Download HERE

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