Sunday, July 13

Vintage Sunday's!

For once I'm glad its Sunday - need to chill out and sit on my butt all day, might even get a rare early night... Now its only right that todays Vintage Sunday video comes from a true Legend in the game who was also in the UK last week promoting her new album 'Funk This', its the one and only Chaka Khan with 'I Feel For You'. Now this track I would go as far as saying it might be my favorite track of all time! Seriously, I love this track so much, I was only 7 when this came out but I remember it so well! Be prepared for some heavy body popping!

Chaka Khan - 'I Feel For You'


nadia said...

they dont make them like they used to...........

jojodancin said...

i feeeeeeeeeeel for yooo hooooo

i i i i thiiiiink i loooooove you!!!