Thursday, July 10

Lloyd - Lessons In Love (Tracklistings & Album Cover)

Just under a month to go till Lloyd drops his 3rd studio album, 'Lessons In Love' is due out on Aug 5th. But looking at the tracklistings I don't see any of the other songs featuring Ludacris, Nelly and The Dream... Surely they have to make the finished copy.

1. Sex Education
2. Girls Around The World (featuring Lil Wayne)
3. Treat U Good
4. Year of the Lover
5. I Can Change Your Life
6. Lose Your Love
7. Have My Baby
8. Love Making 101
9. Party All Over Your Body
10. A Day In The Life
11. Touched By An Angel
12. I’m Wit It
13. Heart Attack

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M* said...

man my cd didnt have A DAY IN A LIFE by lloyd--im pissed--where can i hear it