Sunday, July 20

Vintage Sunday's!

OK so today Im taking you back to 1991 with a timeless classic. This is the type of tune that will still smash it in the right place with the right people. Sadly to say one of the members from Hi-Five - Tony Thompson passed away just over a year ago. Without a doubt 'I Like The Way' was the groups biggest hit, so sit back - watch the video and enjoy a stroll down memory lane!

Hi-Five - 'I Like The Way'


R&B Fan said...

Dang, it's sad, these guys were great. Makes it worse that they were actually working on a comeback album when Tony passed. If you're interested, I wrote a tribute to Tony and other late R&B singers like Gerald LeVert and Dino Conner at Late R&B Artist Tribute

Nadz said...

Don't even get me started. I used to LOVE Hi-Five!! I had the biggest crush on Tony Thompson and use to watch the 'Quality Time' video over and over again!

Funnily enough my Mum and I were talking about Hi-Five just a couple of weeks back, we watched some of their old vids and reminisced. She didn't know that Tony had passed away (RIP).

JoJogood said...

tingles all the way with this one gee gee if i had a hat i would be taking it off to you right this sec!