Wednesday, July 23

Ne-Yo's London Album Playback Event

So on Monday morning I got a phone call saying Ne-Yo want you to play at his album play back which took place last night in Central London, of course I had to think deep and hard about this, after all Tuesday night is Eastenders night. (praise the lord for the BBC iPlayer lol) but no seriously of course I was happy to accept. Ne-Yo's 3rd album 'Year Of The Gentleman' is due out in the UK on Sep 1st and last night a selected number of people checked out 5 new tracks from the album, here's how they went down....

Back To What You Know - Produced By Stargate
You have to admit the chemistry between Ne-Yo and Stargate is a winning formula which is proven again on this mid tempo cut about a girl he thinks would be better of going back to the man she was with before. This could easily be a single.

What's The Matter - Produced By Chuck Harmony
This is one Im sure you can relate to. Ne-Yo tells the story about a lady that wants something so bad but when she finally gets it, she realises she actually didn't want it in the first place. The thing she wanted so bad, like a few women do... a Bad Boy, so obviously you know what happens there... I remember this one had a slight rock music appeal to it as well, overall not a bad track.

So You Can Cry - Produced By Science
Its true story time with this one as Ne-Yo breaks down what happened to his friend that broke up with her man and locked her self away in her apartment for 2 week because she was so heartbroken! But Ne-Yo being the gentleman that he is comes to her rescue and tells her a few kind words to get her back on top of things again.

Stop The World - Produced By Chuck Harmony
The title of this one is not what you think, nor is it another Michael Jackson 'Earth Song' kind of track. In fact its about girl being so in love she thinks the world has stopped! (all together now - ahhhh!) This was easily the most emotional track I've heard out of the 5.

Ms Independent - Produced By Stargate
Again another Stargate produced joint which will also be the second single from the album. The title speaks for its self as you might of guessed its all about the independent lady! The kind of lady you need to be if you want to stand a chance with Ne-Yo. I'll let you make your own mind up on this one as you can listen to it below.

Year Of The Gentleman is due for release on Sep 1st 08

Few pics from the night

On the menu for tonight we have...

Oh no... Could it be true?! Has DJ Semtex turned into an RnB thug?!!! More on this story as we get it.

1Xtra daytime presenter Max, talented singer Ny & 1Xtra show producer Julie all in the house!


Nadz said...

Check you out tho...your services being requested by international superstar Ne-yo!!

Big tings a gwan, big tings :-)

irefix said...

I was so torn tho... Eastenders man! lol