Tuesday, July 15

Keri Hilson - Energy Video

At long last Keri's solo career seems to moving in the right direction! This single could easily top the UK charts with the right promotion and just to add my own personal thoughts, i've never really found Keri that sexy until this video! Go on girl!


Nadz said...

Wow. That is POP-PY!! Not my cup of tea at all...BUT I completely know what you mean about it easily being a UK chart topper.

About only just noticing that she's sexy...where ya been? I mean, I'm not 'that way inclined' but I've seen that's she been a hot chick since the beginning. 'The Way I Are', 'Scream' and even as Usher's lead in 'Love In This Club...she's one sexy lady!!

irefix said...

Damn I think I slept on Keri, too much Christina Milian in my eyes!