Friday, July 11

O'so Krispie - Slumber Party Video

You might remember O'so Krispie from a reality TV show called R U The Girl, where a bunch of hopefuls battled it out for the chance to be featured on the next TLC single in replacement of the late Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez. Not quite sure how, but O'so Krispie won... And now she's back with a new video called 'Slumber Party'

Do you think she was the right person to replace Left Eye?


Anonymous said...

She was never supposed to replace Left Eye. The whole point of the show was to only feature the winner on the single "I Bet". She was not signed to the group.

irefix said...

Good point, but I think you misread the post, I never said she was signed to the group, and i did say it was for the winner to be featured on the next TLC SINGLE and I also think I was correct in saying on that track she replaced what Lisa would of done if she was still alive. I remember the track and O'so Krispie was rapping on it.

Anonymous said...

I dont think she will make it. I didnt like the video or the song. I didnt like her voice either. I liked her part on "I bet" but I dont think that this is ever going to sell and I personally dont see her making it big.