Tuesday, September 9

Lemar's New Album Coming Soon

The UK's leading RnB artist is back with a new album 'The Reason' which is due out on the 24th November, the first single is called 'If She Knew' and that comes out on November 17th.

The album was recorded in Sweden, LA & Miami. Lemar sure has teamed up with some good quality names such as Jim Jonsin (Lil Wayne), Jim Beanz (Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado), Jack Splash (Alicia Keys, Cee Lo) Soul Shock and Karlin (Whiney Houston, 2pac)

Here's how the tracklistings look -

1 - The Reason
2 - Weight Of The World
3 - Little Miss Heartbreaker
4 - If She Knew
5 - Trust Me
6 - Over You
7 - Mayday
8 - Wait Forever
9 - Not What You Say
10 - Black Tide

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theruudshuffle said...

Sup G!

This the random dude who messages you on facebook from time to time,

Yeah man, im feeling this tune, cant wait for Lemar new CD been waiting a long time for new news on Lemar thanks for delivering!

Keep up the good work and thanks for all the key info !