Saturday, June 7

Jermaine Dupri's new Signee - Phatfffat

I recently wrote a story about JD coming to the conclustion that DJ's are dead, which really aint the case, he also once said that the internet was a waste of time, but he's found his latest signee to So So Def via YouTube - wow, does this mean don't listen to anything he says?! Or is he allowed to change his opinion? Anyway back to the signee, her name is Phatfffat aka Dondria Nicole and she's managed to scoop a deal by sending her YouTube hits through the roof with over a million hits! This once again proves the power on the internet, so if your a singer you can make this happen for you too.

Its worth keeping an eye on Phatfffat which is easy to do, check out her YouTube page HERE

Check her out here with JD receiving that hot So So Def chain.

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