Tuesday, December 25

UK Soul Spotlight - Adele Sande

Adele Sande – Oran Mor

The iRefix team were in attendance at The Oran Mor, Glasgow which played host to Adele Sande's EP launch party. For those that are not familiar with Adele she is a rising soul sensation from Scotland recently signed to Souljawn records, a local independent label based in Glasgow. The Oran Mor seemed like the perfect venue for an event of this nature being quite spacious with a relaxed atmosphere. When the host DJ David Craig introduced Adele to the stage this somewhat spacious venue was at full capacity with supporters eagerly waiting to see what Adele had to offer. Those that had previously seen Adele perform live knew they were in for a fantastic night of live music and those not familiar with Adele were soon made to sit up and take notice of this phenomenal talent.

Adele, supported by a full band opened with "A Woman's Touch", a perfect starting track that set the tone for the rest of the performance. Adele then went to her piano to perform another track taken from her EP called "Patch Work". Next was a uniquely performed cover of the late Wu Tang Clan member ODB called "Got Your Money". This was a track that those familiar with Adele's music were eagerly anticipating and were certainly not left disappointed. The audience certainly appreciated how Adele uniquely approached the delivery of this track. The performance continued with "Best Friend" written about Adele's close relationship with her mother. This more up-tempo track had many heads nodding to its beats and rhythms. "Has Needs", a track relating to the needs of women was performed next and then continued with "Dirty Jeans". At the start of this track Adele surprised the audience with her beat boxing ability. She then invited Glasgow based beat boxer Big Taj to the stage who added scratch sounds and beats to the track. Adele then covered tracks from soul legends Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder. Normally this would be a very dangerous move from such an inexperienced and young performer but such is Adele's talent she pulled each cover off with ease. This was an eye opener for many that we truly do have a phenomenal talent just waiting for the opportunity to showcase her talents to a worldwide audience.

Adele finished her set by performing her most recognised track "Baby's Eyes" followed by a huge Glasgow round of applause. There are not many words to describe how fantastic this performance was from such a young musician and it certainly left many lost for words. Having listened to Adele's fantastic EP titled "Have You Heard?" what you hear on the EP is what you get at the live shows such is the pure clarity of Adele's voice. This is a young artist just waiting for the world to take notice of her incredible musical talent.

For more information on Adele and to purchase her EP titled "Have You Heard?" please visit her official website at http://www.adelesande.com. Which leaves me to say Adele Sande, Have You Heard?

Words by GNVilla

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