Thursday, November 29

Cheri Dennis - Portrait Of Love Video

At last there's becoming some progress on the lady we've been waiting a long time for! Cheri Dennis is one of Bad Boy records unsung heroes, she's a veteran to the label and many people don't even know who she is or what she's done! 

I'll break it down for you in a bite size fashion. 

*Cheri was signed to Bad Boy Records almost 7 years ago BUT has never released an album with the label yet...

*She's co wrote songs for - Faith Evans, Olivia & Danity Kane.

*She's made guest appearances with - P Diddy, Biggie, Ma$e & Yung Joc. 

I'm guessing it must of been hard and very frustrating to stick with the label for so long without releasing hardly any material but she stuck in there and thankfully her debut album "In And Out Of Love" drops February 2008. 

Check out the video for the first single - "Portrait Of Love" ft Yung Joc


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JU-Money said...

Song is Hot to may people hating on her music needs a change thats why its so fucked up now