Thursday, August 6

Mariah Album Playback Session G Child's Thoughts

So I mentioned yesterday that I was heading off into central London for Mariah's new album playback session and from the 5 tracks I heard, only two of them I really liked, the rest thought were very average.

The 2 stand out tracks for me were:

Candy Bling - A nice slow smoothed out tune which had The Dream & Tricky Stewart's sound all over it for those of you who are familiar with their beats. However I can't see this track being a single, but a wicked album track.

I Want To Know What Love Is - This is Mariah's cover version of the 80's Classic originally recorded by Foreigner, this is easily a single and will be a world wide smash!

As for the other tracks I heard, none of them grabbed me at all, in fact some of them actually bored me if I'm honest with you. What we heard was only a few tracks that maybe on the album, but we were told the album is still in the making, so I'm looking forward to hearing more...

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Nadz said...

Unfortunately this doesn't suprise me. Obsessed is such a weak track, can't believe she released it as the first track off of her new album. I'm worried about whats to come. Damn shame....