Wednesday, October 29

Beyonce - I Am Sacha Fierce Album Playback

On Tuesday night I was invited to Beyonce's official album playback at the SonyBMG offices in London, the session was hosted by her pops Matthew Knowles.

First of all he explained the concept behind the album title - 'I Am Sacha Fierce' which is similar to Eminem's Slim Shady alter ego, accept this showed Beyonce to have a shy, vulnerable side but then can turn into energetic, wild diva type character. He also told us on this project Beyonce took full creative control, choosing all the writers, producers and final songs.

She also co-produced the whole album! The interesting thing about this is all of the singles from the album will be double A sides, well this is the plan in the States, I'm not sure if the same thing will be done in the UK. From my first listen to the tracks I wasn't overly excited by what I heard but maybe that will change on my second listen. The album is due out in the UK on 17th November so have a look out for it then.

Track listings are as follows with my rating out of 10:

Disc 1
If I Were A Boy (Produced By Toby Gad)
Halo (Produced By Ryan Tedder) (5/10) This is set be the second single from the album.
Disappear (Produced By Amanda Ghost) (4/10)
Broken Hearted Girl (Produced By Stargate, Written By Babyface) (6/10)
Ave Maria (Produced By Stargate) (4/10)
Satellites (Produced By Amanda Ghost) (5/10)

Disc 2
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Produced By Tricky Stewart & The Dream) (6/10)
Radio (Produced By Jim Jonsin) (6/10)
Diva (Produced By Mr Bangladesh, Written By Sean Garrett) (7/10) This one has the potential to be big club banger!
Sweet Dreams (Produced By Jim Jonsin) (5/10)
Video Phone (Produced By Mr Banglasdesh) (5/10)

The Deluxe Edition Disc includes these tracks:
Scared Of Lonely (Produced By Rodney Jerkins)
Smash Into You (Produced By Tricky Stewart & The Dream)
Thats Why You're Beautiful (Produced By Andrew Hey)
Hello (Produced By REO)
Ego (Produced By BlacElivs)


Anonymous said...

hello Ms Knowles my name is chimene i'm 23 years old my daughter is 3 she loves your songs i ca say she's clearly your youngest biggest fan we live in Guyana in South America if its ok maybe i'll send you a pic of her keep u pthe good work

Anonymous said...

This music on this album isnt very good. Like the song im a diva. Beyonce needs to sit and write and produce music thats from the heart. Shes gettin a bit big for her boots and the music aint up to scratch!

Anonymous said...

I still love beyonce though she is beautiful and very talented. Ego is a good tune!

Anonymous said...

Actually went away and listened to some more or the tracks offa the new album. She did co-produce the whole album and wrote the lyrics and there are some good tracks. Sweet dreams was beautiful nightmare before she should realease that as it still has 1# hit potential. Scared of lonelys fairly good and peoples are loving the Ego track mentioned b4. When she does some videos and that will make the music better.B'day was a brill album and is amazing!x! love u.Very inspirational artist

Anonymous said...

"Smash Into You" is a beautiful song and will definitely be number one if released as a single. I acutally prefer the "I am..." side of the album over the "Sasha Fierce" side. "Single Ladies" and "Ego" are the only standouts on the Sasha Fierce side. Broken Hearted Girl, Ave Maria, Scared of Lonely, and That's Why You're Beautiful really showcase Beyonce's amazing voice. I'm impressed.

Martin said...

I also like this album very much and think that this is really a well-done work! I would also like to say "thanks" to those people who make ip possible find such nice things by means od the Internet, that makes it possible for almost all people to have access to good qualitative music. Thanks a lot!!!

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