Monday, September 8

MTV's Video Music Awards 2008 Pictures & Performances

So lets see who's wearing what at tonight's MTV VMA's taking place at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. (click on the picture to see a larger image)

Luda, take my advice - don't quit rapping for acting! There's only one Will Smith!

Liking your style Mr Legend

Not cool Mr Scoop!

Christina Aguilera's in the house.

Its Pink making an appearance

Damn RiRi looking good ;)

I think Chris is trying to master the Ne-Yo smile.

There's Ne-Yo maintaining his gentleman style.

Well I guess T Pain has never claimed to be sane or claimed to have the best dress sense!


Britney opens the show.

Rihanna - 'Disturbia'

Lil Wayne Ft Leona Lewis & T Pain

kanye West - Love Lockdown

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Jim said...

I usually don't watch the VMA's, but this year's was actually entertaining. Nice to see Britney getting some good news- looked like for a while there she wouldn't even be alive for much longer, the pace she was going.

I wish that some of the "older" artists would get some love, but I guess they would never get recognition at the Video Music Awards. I'd love to see Paul McCartney beat out Justin Timberlake!


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