Sunday, August 3

Vintage Sunday's!

OMG its Sunday again already, feels like this week has only had 3 days not 7! Anyway on with todays old school treat. Im gonna keep it UK with a true classic track, one that we from the UK can be proud of! Its all about the legendary Loose Ends and their 1985 timeless hit 'Hangin' On A String'. In fact today I've got a double wammy for ya! I had to find this remix version of Big Daddy Kane's 'The Lover In You' (Mister Cee Remix) which uses a sample from Loose Ends 'Hangin' On A String' released back in 1995. See the Americans were sampling our tunes once upon a time!

Loose Ends 'Hangin' On A String'

Big Daddy Kane 'The Love In You' (Mister Cee Remix)

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