Sunday, June 8

Vintage Sunday's!

OK, I've had the idea of bringing a weekly feature to the blog which I'm calling Vintage Sunday's and this will basically be a video from back in the day thats nice to reminisce too, after all Sunday is the perfect day for taking a trip down memory lane!

Right, to kick off this feature I'm going for a track that I've loved to death since the first time I ever heard it... TRUE CLASSIC!

Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit Em (1991)

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Jo Jo said...

Oh yeah GEE GEE i like vintage sunday alot! You know I cant read something like this without adding my own ha pin yan!!! Hehehehe so its monday evening and my comeback for your choice would be......GROOVE THEORY ...Tell me if you waaant me tooooo!!! oh yeah!!! :)