Saturday, June 14

R Kelly Walks Free!

So there you go the end off a very long drawn out court case finally with the verdict that R Kelly is not guilty of child pornography.

Well I have a feeling R Kelly will making some serious music in the near future, hopefully not the kind that involve him making noises like a Gorilla! But some good classic music like we know he capable of making. I just hope the right decision was made...

Read more about the verdict HERE

What do you think?


Mimi Aki said...

its very difficult to have an objective opinion on this, other than one which is based on anything other than whether you like r kelly as an artist - but at the end of the day, if a jury of his peers didn't find him guilty then by law, he is not guilty.

aside all the controversy, he is one of the most important artists of our generation, and has provided us with some of the most memorable tracks of recent years. i think he is ace!

Jo Jo said...

Oh no.

Ok. I loved 12play as much as the next 90s soul loving person. I would even go as far to say i got a few tingles down my spine when i heard "shes got that vibe".

He is also responsible for penning classics such as Toni Braxton's "I dont want to" , Michael Jacksons "You are not alone" and my absolute favourite but lesser known "stroke you up" by changing faces, for that i am truly grateful.

Regardless of this talent, this man has had sexuality issues for a few decades now. I personally think he is guilty. Everyone remembers his infatuation with Aaliyah in the early days.

He made a few tracks with Sparkle one of which was "be careful' (which was quite nice and amusing ..."MRS BUSYBODY haha). The 14 year old on the tape was identified as Sparkles niece Sparkle herself. By the time this case went to trial for the first time, the niece had grown up beyond recognition, she then went on to deny her appearance in the flick.

This is a guy who has not only managed to piss off the likes of Jay Z with his on tour antics but he is also the guy worth millions of dollars. We all know that cash can buy you pretty much anything in the US, a good lawyer and freedom to name but a few.

He should be inside.....