Saturday, June 14

Almost 10 Years On Since The Release Of 'The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill'

I swear I can't believe the time has gone so quick, I can remember when I was the first DJ in Birmingham to have a full copy of the album because I was working with the Sony Street Team at the time (Big up all the old crew) I was so excited about this album and literally played it every day for months. What a classic! I just hope that one day Lauryn can bless us with some more timeless music...

As a special treat check out this Lauryn Hill themed mix from DJ OhSoKool.

Lauryn Hill - Soul (interlude)
Lauryn Hill - Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You
Lauryn Hill ft Mary J Blige - I Used To Love Him
Lauryn Hill - Mary (interlude)
Lauryn Hill - Everything Is Everything
The Fugees - Killing Me Softly
Lauryn Hill - Colors
Lauryn Hill ft Carlos Santana - To Zion
Lauryn Hill - The Sweetest Thing
Lauryn Hill - The Sweetest Thing (Mahogany remix)
Lauryn Hill - D'angelo (interlude)
Lauryn Hill ft D'angelo - Nothing Even Matters
Lauryn Hill - What Is Love (interlude)
Lauryn Hill - When It Hurts So Bad
Lauryn Hill - Ex Factor
Lauryn Hill - Music (interlude)

You can download the mix HERE

So does this classic album bring back any memories for you?


Jo Jo good. said...

Oh yes.

This brings back so many types of memories. This album is perfect if you are in a relationship/ just coming out of a relationship or just wan to reminisce about a relationship oh yeah! Ex-factor to me was my favourite. She encapsulated what it meant to be so in love with someone that you would hold on to them no matter what kind of wars it brought you...and the pain oh the pain!

It nearly broke my heart when I finally got to see her live last year in Manchester. Ms Hill showed up in a mans dressing gown, wild eyed and hoarse. She faced her band for he majority of the set and murdered each and everyone of her songs in a way that only tina turner could pull off well. She screeched and sped her way through "to zion" it was a sorry sight to see and hear. I didn't even bear to stay for the whole show and the ticket was £47 pound!

I seriously hope she can come back mended because this album was golden.

Ohso Kool said...

thanks for posting this and sharing it with your readers!