Saturday, May 3

Please Tell Me Its Not True...

This rumor I've been hearing on the news, reading in the papers about Mariah & Nick Cannon getting married... Mariah if this true, why oh why Nick Cannon - come on I know you can do better than that! After he cheated on my future wife Christina Milian, I have no respect for him, thats about as bad as Eric Benet & Halle Berry, what the hell goes through their mind cos this aint just a man thing! Or guys using his tings to think with - its deeper than that!... My oh my, what's going on!!! Could it be as simple as true love????


Danielle said...

Whoever you are, you seem to be one of those bitter people who lives in the past. Exhibit A is you mentioned Eric Benet and Halle Berry in 2008. =(

They broke up five (5)years ago! They have both moved on. Eric has a beautiful and talented teen age daughter to raise. Halle has a new man and a new baby in her life. She probably isn't even thinking about Eric.

From what I know about Eric Benet, he is a, musically talented, gracious, generous, hard-working, father. Ask Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Jill Scott, or Eryka Badu. They don't seem to mind working or hanging out with him. He made a mistake, yes, but he is forgiven.

On Judgement Day, God isn't going to ask you what do you think of Eric's sins, He will ask you about your own. "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone".

Mariah and Nick are over 21, and can make their own decisions. Leave them alone. Christina has moved on, too. Why don't you try doing that?

irefix said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion which you have the freedom to do, so do I...

Jo the toe said...

Oh gosh i thought this was a blog you know just a little bit of fun of Mr G Childs opinions etc. To be honest with you Danielle, I can imagine that Eric Benet does probably enter Halle Berry's mind every now and again, as he hurt her bad and she seemed to be in love with him. I think your response to some mild comments and light hearted banter was a bit over the top.

Love Jo xxx

Danielle said...

Hi, Jo,
Maybe you're right, but I know Eric for myself. I am fiercely protective, and very loyal to him. He is an amazing human being. I just get sick of people maligning without knowing what I and his other fans know. I could tell you so many stories of how wonderful he is, if we had time.

To other people, it's just a sound byte in entertainment news. To me, they are attacking someone I care about. So, I cannot remain silent. Sorry if I offended you. Take care.
Be blessed.

Jo the toe said...

Hi Danielle

It is a whole different ball game if you know the man personally. I just thought that it made a nice change that a guy (in this instance G Child) is of the school of thought where he berates cheating men in relationships as opposed to glorifying it as many men in the entertainment industry do. There are countless songs out that promotes that way of living. Now I personally dont know Eric Benet I am just aware of his actions in that particular relationship. And I am sure you, as a woman, do not condone that kind of behaviour.

Best wishes


Danielle said...

Hi, Jo,
Thank you for writing me back. You're right. I do not condone infiidelity. Eric was wrong, and he knows that. He did try to make amends. They didn't get a divorce immediately. They tried to work it out.

But, I am of the opinion that we all have made mistakes of some kind, even hurt people we love. Most of us do it out of the public eye. All we can do is ask for forgiveness and repent. The Bible says, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

When I meet people who try to throw Eric's mistake in his face, I remind them that we will all have to give an account to God for how we lived our lives. God's not going to ask us about someone else's life, He will ask us about our own.

Eric is not a pariah and shouldn't be treated like one. He is a human being who made a mistake. It should not define his entire life. He is a father, artist, and a humanitarian. He should be judged for that. Now, Halle has another beautiful man and a baby to spend her life with. Eric has his daughter and his girlfriend. I wish all six of them well.

I know I said a mouthful, and thanks again for writing back.

Warmest Regards,

~Sending some HK Lurv~ said...

i bet you a 100 bucks, they'll end up in divorce within 5 years!!! LOL!!!!!

Danielle said...

That's what they said about Bobby and Whitney. They actually lasted 14 yrs. Now given it was toxic at the end, but they superceded most people's expectations.

I prefer to believe in love, even with celebrities that may/may not have an agenda. I will be praying for Mr. & Mrs. Cannon, hoping they will prove everyone else wrong.=)