Sunday, April 13

Young Steff - Body That (Nexus Remix)

Young Steff is without a doubt an artist worth keeping a look out for. He was discovered and signed by super producer Rich Harrison and now has record deal with Atlantic Records. I didn't really feel his debut track "Put That On Everything" but this next one "Body That" is pure heat! Unfortunately I don't have a video, release date or any of that kind of information for you at the moment but I'm on the look out - detective G Child over and out.

Young Steff - Body That

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Anonymous said...

This guy worries me! He can definitely sing but he is very hit and miss at the minute.
"Professional", the first single off his forthcoming album is cool and I'm feeling it.
However he's got a major problem in that the orignal versions of both "Put That On Everything" and "Body That" are ordinary at best. I mean, I don't expect the remix of a song to be hotter than the main version