Friday, April 25

Time To Reflex

I was just thinking to myself, damn we are almost half way through 2008 already and its is shaping up to be a very healthy year for RnB. Usher album on the way, Mariah just dropped another classic album. Personally Im really impressed and proud of how UK RnB is sounded this year. Artists like LeaLea Jones, Natalia, EC, Sheya, LKP just to name a few have all made some wicked contributions to the scene so its only right we keep supporting them and spread their music out there. There's some interesting acts from the states coming through like Young Steff, The Dream, Jarvis and others that I'm taking an interest in. Have a listen to this Jarvis track called 'Pretty Girl' he's signed to Ludacris's label 'DTP' and I think this has hit record written all over it!

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