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Dwele Live In Birmingham Review

On Sunday night, my DJ partner Mr.Smoove and I got the chance to see one of our favourite artists, Dwele, live in our home town of Birmingham.

Now if you've never heard of Dwele before you'll be hearing his slick vocals lacing Kanye West's new single 'Flashing Lights'. He's periously featured on such tracks as Slum Village's 'tainted', Platinum Pied Pipers cover of the Bobby Caldwell classic 'open your eyes', Common's 'The People' and the recent head nodder, Pryslezz' 'More than a love song'. He has 2 albums currently under his belt (3 if you include the brief release of Rize) - The fantastic 2003 release 'Subject' and the equally brilliant 2005 release 'Some Kinda...'. The forthcoming installment - which is currently untitled - is sceduled for June this year.

The night kicked off just after 9:00 with Birmingham Mob DJ, DJ E Double D warming up the crowd with a fantastic soulful set ranging from Marvin Gaye to Common to Ryan Leslie to Musiq Soulchild.

Dwele hit the stage at 11:00 and kicked off the show with a number of tracks from the 'Some Kinda...' album, including 'flapjacks' and bust into his version of Snoop Dogg's 'Sensual Seduction' which was heavy!! but he his ear monitor was causing a lot of feedback, so he pretty much put the concert on hold, beatboxing and humming a melody for his band to play and he fixed the problem with his earpiece during their introductions/solo's. With all of this going on, Dwele figured there was no point in carrying on with his setlist and through a bit of role play with the crowd turned the show into a radio request show! Dwele would play the radio host/DJ and would get the crowd to "call in" and request what tunes they wanted to hear! After performing 'A.N.G.E.L' and 'I think I love you' one of the callers requested 'I'm cheatin' - which is set to be the lead single for his new album - Dwele joked with the crowd about how we've got a hold of the single and then went on to perform another track set for the new album. He finished off his set with the classic 'Find A way' and for the encore, kicked his band off and performed 'kick out of you' solo on the keys and then brought the band back on to finish off with 'The Truth' (which we'd been shouting for all night!!).

Dwele was absolutely fantastic! His interaction with the crowd had us all involved all night, inbetween songs he'd have some role play on the go or talk to the crowd to introduce the next tracks and he was vocally on point the whole of the night! Dwele was fantastic!

After the performance DJ E double D came back on with some up beat tracks and broken beat. Track of the night goes to Fyza (who was in the house!). Her tune complicated had 4 pull up requests! Check her out on myspace to realise why - http://www. myspace. com/flyza

Dwele came out for a meet and greet and we got a photo op with Dwele and up and coming Birmingham sensation Rachel Moulden - http://www. myspace. com/rachelmoulden - while it was only brief it was an honour to meet the dude.

We had an absolutely fantastic night! Dwele was brilliant and this was a real experience seeing him live! Next time Dwele is in town, this is one concert you shouldn't miss!

I just wanna shout out DJ E Double D for playing a fantastic set and getting the crowd hyped, Fyza for being really cool with us, her tune 'complicated' is hot and you've really gotta check it out! The amazingly talented Rachel Moulden, it was a real pleasure meeting u and believe me your turns coming soon - all you soul heads don't sleep on her!! Not forgetting my boy Mr.Smoove for rolling with me!

Until next time....Jonny G signing out!

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Reviewed by Jonny G

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