Saturday, March 15

UK Soul Spotlight - Ewing

Listening to Ewing's EP is like a spray of cold water on a hot sultry day: at first it's a surprise but then you feel refreshed. A talented musician with an INDY award behind him as released an EP that indeed is soulfully refreshing. Ewing showcases a broad vocal range and musically it's a great listen. This is not an RnB EP dressed up as neo-soul – this is the real deal.

It took me a while to get into his sound; but something that grows on you, tends to stick in your head. He reminds me of artists that were not concerned with constantly sounding perfect, but really let go within their music, and I believe Ewing achieves this. This guy is a story teller, and his song writing skills are fantastic.

I have Now on replay – the bonus track on the EP, and the live session that follows just proves that this guy knows how to perform. Holding On is another track to look out for; it makes you feel positive just listening to it.

One blurb goes on to describe this Scottish talent as " …a modern day Marvin Gaye…". Definitely keep a look out for Ewing in the future!

Review by WordSmith

For more information on Ewing and to purchase his ep click here.

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