Monday, March 17

My First Blogging Rant!

I'm not one to moan but I have to on this occasion I'm left with no choice... This is cos my flight to Newcastle was delayed for over 3 hours which peed me off, but thats not it... On the way back it was even worst my flight was delayed for 4 HOURS yep four long boring hours. While being trapped in Newcastle airport, I went from playing wack arcade games that I would never normally play, I ate some food that I wouldn't normally eat, I even looked in shops that I would never shop in! Man it was depressing, and I'm gonna complain, again something I don't normally do! At least one thing good came out of it, I brought myself a new sick digital camera! Before I go I would like to big up everyone that came to Blue nightclub in Newcastle last night, especially LKP, Jay Rockwell & and my homie Mimi A (and possie)

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