Friday, February 22

UK Soul Spotlight - Tawiah

What a personality in a voice! Tawiah's EP In Jodi's Bedroom shows off a talent that is wholesome and UK to the core. Its not all about vocals, add her individual style and she definitely stands out. Its funky fresh, meets soulful with a twist of the independent streak that we in the UK are proud of.

Like other artists, Tawiah doesn't hide her accent whilst she sings, and you get a sense of her self in the music. If you want something fun, listen to Another One; classic 80s beat that would make Cameo proud!

A wicked mix of electric sound, chill-out acoustics and playground antics; "Oh my god witness the fitness!" just made me smile when I heard it as the intro for Boy From Da Endz. There is something to suit most tastes: Every Step (my personal favourite) has a different vibe that would appeal to those who like indie or acoustic/soft rock, but she still has that soulful edge in its midst.

Tawiah is fun: that is what she encapsulates for me. And she's adventurous with her sound. I look forward to hearing some more from her in the future!

Tawiah's ep "In Jodie's Bedroom" is now available from Amazon. You can also watch Tawiah's recent performance at BBC Introducing Night below.

Review by WordSmith

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