Wednesday, February 20

One Chance Get Another Chance!

You may or may not know that RnB super star Usher signed a boy group to his label "US Records" a while back called One Chance which is made up of Courtney, Rob, Jon & Michael. Now to cut a long story short these guys have failed several times to create a decent buzz within the industry and with fans, but that might all change in the near future as Usher and Clive Davis plan to re- launch their struggling careers. The idea is to release their track "U Can't (Resist It)" and hope that it connects with the audience. Check out the track below.

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addie-x said...

I've got quite a few of One Chance's songs. I think their really good. You should check 'Look At Her' and 'Uh Oh'.
I don know how their career's could of struggled.! =\