Wednesday, December 5

Mario At London's Jazz Cafe Last Night

Mario is currently in the UK to perform 3 shows at the world famous Jazz Cafe in London, even though I thought that was strange to place to put him I still went along to check him out. Normally I'm fashionably late for these kind of things but on this occasion I was in the venue 45 minutes after the doors opened, greeted by a long DJ set before the opening act - Laura Izibor arrived on stage and performed 4 great songs. Not long after that the man him self Mario and his live band stepped to the stage with of course a massive reaction from his screaming female fans. After a few songs I have to admit the whole thing started to become very cliche, you know the box standard throw your hat into the crowd, take your t-shirt off, get 2 girls on stage. Now obviously for the ladies in question this must of been very frilling but for me it was a bit played out, I was expecting more of a show from Mario, I've seen his dance moves before and I thought I would see some of that live, but nope, none of that! Mario did say that each show will be different so hopefully tomorrow and Thursday will be better. Even though I didn't really enjoy he's stage presence I did like that way he sounded live and I also enjoyed his cover of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature". Maybe if the venue was bigger he could put on a better show. So overall I'd give him 5/10

Tracks he performed (in no particular order)

Just A Friend
Crying Out For Me
How Do I Breathe
I'll Make Love To You (Boyz II Men Cover)
Human Nature (Michael Jackson Cover)
How Could You
Let Me Love You

Hear the highlights on BBC Radio 1Xtra tonight from 7pm, check the pics out now!

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