Wednesday, November 21

Jill Scott live in Birmingham review

Last night I drove 120 miles to see the one and only Jill Scott do her thing live at Birmingham's Carling Academy, for me Jill is one of my favorite live performers, I always leave her concerts feeling inspired and positive.

Any way last night she came on stage with a 7 piece band and 3 backing singers. Jill concentrated on a lot of songs from the new album “The Real Thing, Words And Sounds Vol 3” which I’m still getting used too, and in all honestly was not feeling as much as her previous albums, however I felt like hearing the tracks live brought a different dimension to how they sound.

Not only is Jill a great live singer but a her stage presence is second to none. She literary makes you feel like she talking to you, and not just a room full of people. She speaks from her heart and you can truly believe her.

There’s also a very comical side to Jill that you only hear in her live performances. I did kind of get the feeling that her previous marriage ended quite badly as she made a lot of comments relating to her former husband, I wonder what really happened there…

Any way back to the show, as you would expect she performed a few of her classics such as – “The Way”, “Long Walk” “Golden” but the one that made the place erupt was “You Love Me” Overall Jill is most definitely well worth checking out, so take my advice go see her if you get the opportunity.

Don't forget to check out the hight lights on Dec 3rd only on BBC Radio 1xtra

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