Tuesday, November 20

Chingy's Coming Right Back At Cha!

In my opinion Chingy's one of those rappers you either love or hate his voice, or of course you just don't mind. 

Anyway Chingy recently made up with Ludacris and signed back to Luda's label "Disturbing Tha Peace" after he believed that Capitol Records didn't know how to market him. (whatever!) 

So now Chingy's just finished recording his forthcoming perfectly titled 4th album - "Hate It Or Love It" due for release in December. 

Check out the video for the new single "Fly Like Me" Ft RnB songstress Amerie. 

Click here to take a look behinds the scenes 

1 comment:

GNVilla said...

Chingy rarely fails to amaze me. This is probably one of my favourite tracks from a commercial rapper this year. The track is hot, the video is fiyah and Amerie is a great sprinkle on top to make this record almost perfect.

I can see it doing very well in the charts!!